Video: A Guy Named Sacha Heppell Tries Out to be a Denver Broncos Cheerleader

On Sunday, over 200 people started out on a journey that they hope will eventually land them one of the most coveted jobs in America – NFL cheerleader.

While the first round of the 2012 Denver Bronco Cheerleader tryouts essentially went off without a hitch this weekend, there was one noteworthy participant that seems to be stealing all of the attention this Monday morning.

That participant? Sacha Heppell – a young man looking to be on the sidelines cheering on Peyton Manning and Co. as they try to take control of the AFC West in 2012.

Check him out:

So long as he stays away from the minors, Heppell should be a perfect fit for a Broncos cheerleading unit clearly looking for some pizzazz. (Heppell seems to have pizzazz running through his veins.)

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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Why not? George W. Bush was a college cheerleader. I don't know of any law that says males can't be cheerleaders.

Well, there is the homophobic prejudice of the average male football fan, but those are the same ones that are half-naked in the stands with make-up all over their bodies. They could look at this guy and fantasize that their fondest, most secret dreams have come true.

If freedom means anything, it is the liberty to tell others what they do not want to hear.

Good for him. I hope he makes it.

Actually, I don't give a rat's patootie. Cheerleading - especially at the professional sports level - is just about the stupidest thing that anyone could ever take seriously. I guess it would be kinda fun, however, to see the reaction from all the fat, obnoxious, blowhard football fans if the guy makes the squad.

Wow, and I thought pro sports itself was just about the dumbest thing anyone could take seriously, but you're right, cheerleading for it would be just behind that.

He'll be back next year and I hope he makes it. I'd watch a few games just to see the reactions!