Should the U.S. Build a Wall on Its Mexican Border?

China and Berlin have both had well-known walls. Now add the United States and Mexico to that list. In 2006 Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, which calls for construction of a double-fortified 700-mile fence between the U.S. and Mexico. But while construction sits in limbo until Congress irons out the details, Americans have remained embroiled over the wall’s alleged benefits and detriments. Much like the land that comprises the U.S. and Mexico, the experts are divided.

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I watch and live it every day, when my husband and my son can not get carpet jobs because the illegals have crossed the border and took them. We pay for their children's food, medical expenses,and the majority of the parents do not have car insurance, legal tags, drivers license, etc. I can hardly afford my medical bills, food, insurance for my husband and myself because of the waste on illegals. They need to build the fence all across the US. The trillions of dollars that Obama has given as so called "stimulus" money could have paid for it 10 times over. The money that is spent on food stamps, medical, and legal fees to catch them and send them back home could have paid for it. The time is now. Congress wake up and stop this before our wonderful country turns into a new Mexico and if it so bad down there, why would we want to turn our country into the same. Where do I start to make my voice heard? Where? I need to be involved and do something.

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If we build it, they will come. We will need to ask nicely if the largest North American cement company, CEMEX [of Mexico] will supply the concrete. Also, we will need a lot of cheap labor. Will the Mexicans pitch in to wall themselves out?

When they hand out the contracts to build the wall,a mayors cousin will get the contract and he will hire wetbacks to build it.

Oh don't you all think that building a wall is related to Germany, get off it. Wait until you lose your job to an illegal and see how you sound then. My cousins husband, a carpenter, lost his job in contruction to illegals. Get off it. Our government is run by business, and business wants the illegals because they work for less and they buy products. These damn illegals can sure protest in our country, why didn't they protest in Mexico about giving them jobs ? Don't think they would have been shot doing it. You are utterly stupid to think that with them getting citizenship , or amnesty that will help. They get that, and the borders are left wide open for more.
LEt's remember this: Is is alright for our Border Patrol men to be shot? by illegals? by the drugs cartels? Are you all drug addicts that you don't want the flow of marijuana to stop?

I for one encourage the building of a very high fence and also think you should tattoo all the legal Americans so you can easily identify yourselves to each other. That should keep all the rift raft out. Then, you issue travel permits to Americans wanting to travel abroad. Leave no stone unturned. Make sure you lock yourselves up tight in there. And good luck with that.

If the government is hell bent on building some sort of deterrent on the border there is a very cheap and efficient way of doing it. I do not necessarily like the idea myself, but it would solve the problem without a whole lot of work and quit wasting money on another Berlin wall. I mean, if your going to do it, then do it and quit screwing around with it.

First, cordon off an area a few miles wide and stretch a 30 foot tall chain link fence across the region in question and some rolls of razor wire for a little added measure. Then, all along the fence row place warning signs that imminent death will occur if the fence is breached. Then, build some small bunker like shelters every so many feet apart and equip them with technology we already have that has been tried and true. In and on those bunkers place some machine guns with tracking devices that will obliterate anything that moves in the designated area.

This would be very cheap, and as long as they keep the technology usage to a minimum and keep it as simple as possible the maintenance would be very cheap as well. After a few takers calling the bluff lost, the rest would eventually get the picture and we can say "You were warned."

We just want to stop the ILLEGAL immigrants from comming here. Legal immigrants are always welcome, since they follow the rules and respect our boundries.I have seen fights break out over people cutting in line at a movie theatre. These people are cutting in line in front of American's trying to feed their children and provide them with decent healthcare .To I.C.E. the cake they treat us like outsiders. So much for wanting the American Dream.They just want to live the Mexican Dream here.We have voted for the wall and won. Put it up already.

i think that we should build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico because they all want to come to America without wanting to abide by our laws. My opinion, if the Mexican's don't want to obey our laws, keep them out!

We definitely need something on our border. Illegal immigration costs us to LOSE a lot of money because illegal immigrants DON'T pay taxes . But they still benefit from taxes that all good legal immigrants and citizens pay. For example if an illegal immigrant get's injured and goes to the hospital but dosen't have enough money to pay for the bill. THAT comes our of our taxes. (FYI a hospital can't turn down someone in need regardless of financial status) But a wall is just a start we need more then one thing to protect our border's.

The US needs to inforce there laws.And stop giving aid to the ellegal Immigrants.That would stop the problem here.

Anything that can keep "them" out can also be used to keep "us" in. America was never intended to be a prison colony. End ALL welfare immediately and you take away the only slightly rational justification for keeping immigrants out.

first of all, my parents immigrated to this great country in the early 70's. Their sacrifices and hard work allowed me to enjoy all the great opportunities that this great country has to given to me. But now that I grow older and wiser, I now understand that the easy way is not alway best way. This is why I think that they should build the wall bigger and better than before. This will force angry and poor Mexicans to make the change this is truly needed in that country. The must demand the education the deserve for the wealth they derive from the earth, in oil form. That's why you see so much drug violence in Mexico, their are no JOBS because there's NO EDUCATION.

Protecting national security is a must. This reality is one which every nation acknowledges. However, when political officials and pundits begin using the protection of national security as a reason for the implementation of discriminatory practices the line must be drawn. We are a country of immigrants. The thought of building a fence to segregate Mexico from the U.S. is completely against all that America stands for and everything that aided in making us into the great nation that we are.

The problems associated with illegal immigration are in some cases apparent. However, these problems can be fixed without allowing for a wall to separate Mexico and the U.S.

Fix the system = Fix the problem. Have we not realized this yet? We continue to look for quick fixes to immigration problems (which, may I say are all inclusive, without paying attention to the root of these problems. Simplify the visa/green card system while holding these offices more accountable.

We do not need a fortress around America. Perhaps I should rephrase that. We do not need a fortress separating Mexico from the U.S. Just fix the system!

I do support the US building a wall across our border; however, I don't think it should stop there. Steps need to be taken to make the process of getting a visa or green card easier so that a wall doesn't need to be there in the first place.

I love people. I love them of every color, race, height, weight, etc. However, if you cross our border illegally, I sympathize with your current situation, but I cannot tolerate what you've done. I don't care if your Cuban, Mexican, Canadian, or even Polish, if you want to be a part of the greatest nation in history, do it legally.

Please don't label me a racist or someone who hates illegals; I love the people, I just don't like what they've done. The wall is irrelavent, yet at the same time it forces immigrants to become citizens the legal way (or find some obscure and complicated way around it). That's why I support it.

So what, you think they are trying to stay illegal for the rest of their live here? I hope you know these people don't come legal to U.S because they don't have the money . Once they come here can they save up enough money, they all pay their dues and they become resident of the U.S - Their country dont provided them with enough money for them to get their Visa so they do it illegaly and then they get their resident. So please don't talk your smack if you never been threw it. Why do i speak that way i do? I was one of the lucky onces that actually can with my resident. Honey your lucky you were born here. I just hope you had a little taste of what is going outside of U.S. BTW im not in favor of this and i do not disagree either. I just had to educate you a bit more

The glaring fact in this issue remains - "walls" or borders designed to keep others out can just as easily be used to keep you in. The lessons of communist Europe, Cuba, North Korea, etc. prove that out.

The only qualifier to become a U.S. citizen ought to be this - Do you have an authentic desire for the freedom to exercise your individual rights AND do you have unqualified respect for the freedom of others to do the same? I dare say, there are many official "born and raised" and naturalized citizens of the United States who would not genuinely qualify under those terms either in relation to the first half or to the second or in relation to both.

Is the United States to be an elitist social club granting the opportunities of freedom to only a select few OR is freedom to be granted to all who ask it? If you wish freedom but refuse it to others, on what basis do you value freedom? Is what you value actually "freedom" at all?

I cannot fully enjoy my freedoms while officially or unofficially denying such to another simply because they are not legally a "citizen". If it were mine to decide, I would choose to grant freedom, U.S. residence and citizenship under the above qualifications to all who ask it and allow our laws governing respectful behavior in this culture to determine one's worthiness of citizenship in a land that respects the freedom to exercise individual rights.

Walls are, in my beliefs, anathema to "freedom". Better instead to call what one enjoys "privilege", which is an entirely different issue.

I'm willing to pay for national security - and it has nothing to do with "hating immigrants". I am 100% in favor of LEGAL immigration for any country in the world, but illegal immigration in this country is hurting public schools and hospitals in this country. Undocumented people coming to this country are exactly that - undocumented. We need to document who comes to our country to ensure our safety - we need to document that they are not bringing in diseases (may not have received vacinations that in our country are standard) and do not threaten our security.

The most interesting comment I've heard on this subject came from a tongue in cheek caller on the "Mark Davis show" in Dallas.

The suggestion was to incentivize private parties to build wind and solar farms along the border. Give the land to the developers for free. The coming and going of maintenance and security people that would be required and obligated to report what they see would cut down the traffic. The investment and value of the power generated would be incentive enough to provide top quality security.

Give the land to the developers for free. The wind and sun are definitely there.

The first time I heard of idea it reminded me of Germany it did not work there either. I feel the reason our so-called leaders want to build this wall is they are getting some kind of kickback on the cost. I always follow the money it is normally the motivator for all things political. Find out who makes the most money on the wall, see how they contribute to our representatives, then you will know, works every time! The estimated 50 billion needed to build this wall, but wait look back at history, if they estimate 50 billion it will more than likely be 100 billion or more plus kickbacks. I watched an interesting show on the wall. A section of wall was built by Mexican workers using the specs of the real wall. After completion they split the workers into teams one to go under, one over, and one through the wall. It took all three teams less than 1 minute to penetrate the wall. With a 9 trillion dollar deficit we can find other things to do with our money. PAY DOWN THE DEBT!

Really? That's the best solution we can come up with? Build a big fence? That is absolutely ludicrous and an enormous waste of money. America can't just wall itself off from the world. I believe that China and Berlin built walls to keep people in/out. Is that what we want the United States of America to become?

Of the three walls being discussed here, the Soviet Union's was the only bad one, being constructed primarily to keep people IN, i.e. to imprison conquered people behind it. The Great Wall of China had the beneficial purpose of keeping the invading Mongolian hordes OUT, and the American wall has a similar legitimate funtion, viz. to keep the invading Mexican hordes OUT.

You guys should also move the statue of liberty to another country, you don't need that eyesore there reminding you of the freedoms you once had. Give the statue to another country just for kicks and giggles, nobody in the US believes in it any more.

If legal immigration to the US was a viable alternative, you guys would not have an illegal immigration problem.

you need a wall completely around America. Keep everyone out. Nobody gets in or out without you opening the door. This way, you guys should be safe . I see no problems with you guys isolating yourselves from the rest of the world forever. None at all. As for the wall being like all the other walls, no, this one would be different. Especially because your government can be trusted to make sure your rights are always kept safe and sound, right? Right?

Really, why not put a wall around Canada too!! If you hate immigrants hate them all!!

I don't hate anyone. Everyone must obey the laws of the land. Pay Caeser what is due. We can no longer take care of our citizens without so much sacrifice that they are starving to death and can not get medical treatment. Be an illegal, have a lot of kids and the American Government will feed you, house you, and keep you well. That is God's way but only if they obey the law and enter legally. Then they can have everything the USA has to offer them. I can't afford to pay for them anymore than you can. If Canadians become an issue with illegal immigration, we should be a wall there too. I am not exposed to any issues with Candians taking food out of childrens mouths or medical care for our citizens. If that happens, the wall must be put up there also.