Floyd Mayweather in Ideal Position to Destroy Manny Pacquiao’s Legacy

After all the bad publicity, court appearances and alleged ducking, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in perfect position for a potentially masterful maneuver.

If he can beat Victor Ortiz, Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan in consecutive bouts, the oft-controversial fighter can cement his legacy as an all-time great once and for all and, at the same time, crush Pacquiao’s place in boxing lore with a giant hammer.

As Pacquiao prepares for a third and likely final match against Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12, the storyline remains the same as always. The Filipino superstar versus an over-the-hill, past-his-time big name – an event that will be forgotten 10 seconds after it ends. Similar to what happened with Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and the other victims, Marquez’s dismantling will no doubt be quick and efficient, but it will also leave a lot of questions regarding why Pacquiao insists on fighting competition that really isn’t any competition at all.

Mayweather, meanwhile, has a fight scheduled against Ortiz on September 17. The match will be the undefeated superstar’s first in over a year, and already, the heavy favorite is starting to feel a little bit like an underdog. Murmurs from all sides -- including Mayweather’s long-time allies -- indicate that Ortiz is in solid position for an upset and that he is a very capable adversary. Fans and critics alike are noting that Mayweather’s propensity for attracting drama may serve as too massive a distraction when coupled with his undeniable rust coming into this match.

Assuming that Mayweather can overcome the challenge that a southpaw 10 years his junior poses, he has already made it abundantly clear that he wants Pacquiao next. So long as the Filipino star agrees to adequate performance enhancing drug testing pre-fight requirements, the superfight that everyone has been waiting for can finally become a reality. Although a bout between the two is almost impossible to call, it’s difficult to not give a little bit of the edge to Mayweather in a potential match against Pacquiao. Mayweather, traditionally at least, has always been a faster and more tactically skilled fighter. What he lacks in Pacquiao-like glitz and a willingness to brawl, he makes up for in substance and a masterful defense.

Finally, if he can pull out a hard-fought win versus Pacquiao, Mayweather’s final target would reportedly be Khan. As talented a fighter as Khan is, he is not on the level of either a Mayweather or a Pacquiao. He would pose a bigger challenge than Ortiz, but not by much.

Mayweather has set some lofty plans for the next year or so, but they make sense. He didn’t come out of retirement for a quick payday, he came out to establish his legacy all the while destroying that of his biggest archrival. By accepting fights against his biggest and most competitive challengers while Pacquiao appears content fighting non-factors, Mayweather is sending a clear and concise message:

The King is here, and he wants his crown back.

Mayweather ur not a King if u a King why r u not to fight Manny Paquiao.. because u r DUCK KING ok .. and he wants his crown back.. not a CROWN .. it is BLACK EYE coming from MANNY PAQUIAO.. if u want to fight Manny Paquiao you will decide now not next year..NOW...Manny Paquiao he is a very energetic person he beats..HATTON..DELA JOYA..COTTO CLOTTEY.MARGARITO..MOSLEY..and You next MAYWEATHER

You were right Mr. writer, Floyd Gay weather is creating his own leGAYcy. So, fight manny now without all your gay conditions.

what are you talking about, with or without this fight, pacman's legacy is secured, thank you! he can even retire without fighting this fraud, its only the likes of you writers who is trying to prep it up, and he will fight pacman, your fraud is in need of legacy stuff, if he is not going to fight pacman, his legacy is that the boxer who is scared of the little man in the boxing world, and it will be in the history for all time to come! the name gayweather!!!ha,ha,ha,

Pacquaio is love by everyone, celebrity, politician, different race, religious leader, his peers, rich/poor and specially with young generation! Proud of him! The all Race of Universe Honor Him because who he is the Ambassador of the Universe!

Mr. writer, Do you even understand the word destroy?if you do then i guess something is wrong with you. How in this world can someone destroy Manny's legacy?A lost to anybody doesn't have much bearing when it comes to Manny's legacy,besides the fight with Floyd is most likely not to materialize everybody knows why, not unless Floyd loses all his money in gambling then and only then he will fight Manny.Floyd is a great fighter no doubt about it but he doesn't have the heart to compete against the best.

Mayweather can brag his unblemished record, that pacquiao is juicing and all. Funny how sponsors swarm and loom with pacquiao. Im just thinking if it is all about being undefeated, why wont these big companies let mayweather endorse them instead of pacman. In the end, its about credibility, and respect of people that makes them root for him. Of course if I am a businessman, why would I let anybody of some (bad) character/figure endorse me. Im not gonna risk a business just for an undeafeated record yet a very, very bad celebrity figure.

there is no such thing as past his prime! it is the competition that may look it's past your prime!

it will be the other way around! Pacquiao doesn't pick or choose the competition, it's the otherway around! remember OscarDe Lahoya? No one gave Pacquaio a chance and he proved them aotherwise! it is the competion that insist on fighting him thinking that they can beat him that's why there reallyisn'tcompetition at all! it is because of his superior ability!

Whatever Floyd says, it doesn't say much. It's the usual trash talk, without substance. She's just haunted by her fears of Pacquiao.

Who said that Cotto is past his prime when he fought Pacquiao..look at where Cotto is now? He's the WBA's current welterweight champion.