Should the U.S. Continue its War on Drugs?

Ever since President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs in 1971, we've heard much talk about America's drug-prevention initiatives. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on keeping illegal substances out -- and reducing drug use nationwide. However, some argue the battle is ineffective or perhaps even counter-productive. Is this effort worth continuing, or is it time to search for alternatives?

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The drug war is an evil war on the American public. A SWAT raid is a declaration of war. People and pets are killed or injured, botched raids abound, property is stolen. The drug war is very corrupt. The war has not accomplished anything good, only harmed the people it is supposed to be protect. The injustices are disgusting.

The one drug I think we should legalize is marijuana . Not because I use it but because it is so widely used, that the legalization would save the DEA a ton of money , and the tax from marijuana could benefit the DEA in stopping major drugs.

i just wanted to suggest that you take a look around. i mean you do have some valid points. though, from what i have read and seen on tv programs .. there are countrys which have better systems than ours and they work better and there's actually less crime and less addiction. makes ya wonder. and besides most civilisations through history have founded laws on the premise of what would cause the least amount of harm. and right now .. this war is causing far more harm than it is good. honest, legit people in chronic pain are suffering. it is my opinion that this is wrong . a government should not cause more harm to the greater population in order to Try and solve a social problem. you yourself may not be in chronic pain now. but what if you were hit by a car or diagnosed with cancer ? and a doctor told you that s/he could not give you enough medication or any medication to control your pain? i really do not have the answers. though, my suffering, the suffering of my mother and so many others allows me first hand knowledge that what's happening just isn't working. i know and am aware of the diversion problems. i myself have had my house broken into. i have been followed out to my car from the pharmacy. (back when they would announce what medication you were picking up to the entire store!!) and i now have a limited social life. i use to make all sorts of "friends" and i use to try to help people. but i had to learn that i couldn't trust people. so, i know there's a huge problem. though, like i have already stated : "Society Prepares the Crime and the Criminal Commits It" maybe our social mores need some adjustment? maybe the cost of living needs to be more affordable for people? i just do not know. i know doctors are scared and it's just aweful. i myself cannot sleep without wakeing up screaming and other problems. not every single person in pain has low morals. i believe the " legal " pills on the street most likely come from outside the country. it is easier to make a counterfit pill now than it is money !! whatever happens i pray every night that the suffering of people in chronic pain will stop. be well, thank you.

Ok so what should we do? Stop and say ok, were done you win have fun with your drugs? Of course not, as of now there is no obvious and more effective way to stop drug use . People say tax the drug's like crazy if we legalize them. Well that does NOTHING, drug making will continue and drug dealer's will continue to make it because let's face it IF we pile on the taxes the drug dealers will just sell cheaper. And even more people who wanna "try" it will become addicted. Thous destroying America.

We should stop the war on drugs and invest it on a war on ignorance.
People should do research on the subject instead of just making erroneous comments.
The dutch have legalized marijuana and since have seen a decline in adolescent use.
Adolescents are curious by nature and go to far measures in doing what is illegal.
If we legalize marijuana the motivation to do the drug will drop among many adolescents, because they will not see it as delinquent behavior, and will look to alternate ways at being a delinquent.

This question really raises other, much more important questions. Why do Americans consume SO MUCH drugs? Why is treatment only for the rich? What drugs should we fight? After 9/11, drug prices did NOT increase, so border security is a lost cause. We cannot stem the tide, we fund narco-terrorists with our drug consumption. For these and iother reason, I recommend a big change in drup policy and enforcement.

"Just say no to drugs" is absurd (se equestions above). Every drug dealer opposes legalization, along with the police . Makes you wonder, eh? That aside, I am all for decriminalizing pot. I miss that great tasting Mexican weed we used to get in the 1970's. From what I understand, most of the pot today is stronger than in the old days. With properly cultivated weed, you could sell it like beer, wine, liquor, and that lovely aged whiskey that costs $225 a bottle.

BTW, Yes, No or Uncommitted are too few choices in the poll to "Continue the War on Drugs?" - we need to look at what our current drug policy does, which is reward criminals and jail users.

The only way this would work is if you would not have to buy your drugs on the streets.
Make it where you can only buy them in a store of some kind like a head shop.

Focus on actual crime . "Drug" users who are not stealing to support their habit shouldn't be persecuted any more than a "crazy cat-lady" who doesn't steal to feed her cats. Their choices may not be the best or smartest, but unless you own your own body and life, and that includes a right to destroy it if you wish, then you own NOTHING.

Most of the negative consequences of "drug" abuse are not due to the drugs themselves, but from the silly and immoral persecution of the users. Most "drug" users never suffer any ill-effects until caught. Most do their jobs safely and just as well as anyone else.

Chemicals don't affect performance or safety any more than emotional turmoil, tiredness, or distractions. Stop punishing people for "what ifs" and deal with the real world for a change.

Let's take a clear-eyed view here. On balance does the " war on drugs " produce more good for society , more evil, or is results neutral?

People want recreational drugs. That's a fact. Drug prohibitions = Enforcement costs. If the issue is under what circumstances can limiting drug use be cost effective, look to liquor for the answer. Driving, flying planes, operating machinery - yeah, prohibit that.

Allow almost all recreational drugs to be sold legally, regulated and taxed = happy people. A nation of zombies, or insane behaviors, probably not. Probably almost no impact on society at all other than releasing hundreds of thousands of " drug related offenders" and removing criminals from the equation. I'm sure Phillip Morris and Bacardi would be happy to provide the means of implementation.

Personally I got no dog in this fight. I stopped weed a long time ago and most likely wouldn't start again even when it does become legal. But I hate hypocrisy and stupidity and every other evil which defies common sense.

Legalize pot; use the money to open programs to help those that are addicted to drugs have a way out that is immediate ( it often takes 6 months to get into a rehab program); tax it ( yes people will grow it - do you grow your own tomatoes or make your own beer?)
The amount sold over the counter would pay for all medical needs for all addicted peoples.

I was a deputy sheriff; in Michigan; in Ann Arbor; and we were not supposed to arrest anyone for small amounts of pot. We did not have the room in jail. So now jails are bigger; and pot prisoners increase; and for what?

Look at how this war started; look at the motivations. Look how its going- its not. Its just a fun excuse for over invested cops to be bullies and bad guys.
The mindset of a criminal is that you get what you deserve. If you walk down a deserted street; you deserve to be robbed or raped or murdered. You were the fool; and you deserve what you get.
The mindset of the DEA is the same as the average criminal. You use drugs; you get caught; you get whatever they can give to you. Or take away- like your house; car and family.
We cannot win this war; when the warriors in it: have no more alliance with morality than the criminals.
Drugs are a medical issue - not a legal one.

These are the two motivators of the war on drugs.

Take the money wasted trying to dictate freedom of choice on Americans. Fund universal health care for all Americans and have money left over!!! Then if someone gets a bad drug like Oxycontin they (if they choose) can get help. Quit putting Americans in jail for making a persona choice!!

(excerpt reprinted from: . htm” ) Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

“America faces an explosive epidemic involving the illegal use of legal drugs, usually highly addictive painkillers. The crime wave is called drug diversion. It involves the abuse, and illegal obtaining and resale of prescription drugs on the black market. Prescription drug diversion is one of the defining drug crimes in America today. It has few equals for sheer size, speed of growth, resistance to deterrence, harm to people from so many strata of society, and large costs to insurers. Overdoses, deaths and injuries continue growing at an alarming rate. In fact, more than 20 million Americans—nearly 7 percent of the population—will abuse prescription drugs in 2007, based on the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Drug diversion’s alarming spread over the last five years is well-chronicled.

Insurance fraud is the main financier and enabler of drug diversion. Even so, few health insurers understand the pivotal role insurance fraud plays in a diversion epidemic that costs insurers up to $72.5 billion a year.”

In my opinion:

The American society is drug addicted. Americans in general apparently prefer a drug-induced stupor to reality. Until this changes, all attempts at stopping drug traffic, illegal and legal, will be futile. The drug culture in this society is no accident and therefore stopping drug traffic, illegal and legal, is counter-productive and non-profitable. All attempts, no matter how well intentioned from the start, will be subverted before they can be successful. Until people do not want to take drugs, there will be drugs, illegal and legal. There are no pharmaceutical companies that would discourage drug use so expect that being bombarded by drug commercials 24/7 will increase, not decrease. The “War on Drugs” will continue also. Stopping “it” would also be counter-productive and non-profitable.

Imagine that there is no drug abuse. Then imagine who that affects financially. The affect it would have financially on the average American citizen would be positive, not negative. If the citizen is gaining, who is losing. The insurance companies paid someone 72.5 billion dollars. The people that are benefiting from drug abuse is where you will find the root of the drug problem. No drug abuse would mean a tremendous reduction in crime in all categories, not just drug abuse.

The government loses.
Illegal drug manufacturers and dealers lose.
Law enforcement agencies lose.
Medical professionals lose.
The judicial system loses.
Pharmaceutical manufacturers lose.
Pharmaceutical distributors lose.
Etc., etc.

Stopping 300+ million American’s dependence on drugs is like stopping their dependence on oil. The reason it doesn’t happen is because it is not allowed to happen. It is counter-productive and non-profitable. Just look at where the economy is now. A better example of the power of greed would be hard to find. It’s ok to destroy the world as long as there is a profit in it.

Drug dependence will not change until we become independent from drugs. As long as someone wants “it”, someone will provide “it” and if in the process, they can convince us that we need “it”, there is no end to the supply of “it” or profits from “it”. When we decide we do not want to buy drugs, they will go away. When we decide we do not want to be oil dependent, it will be replaced by an alternative.

The Department of Energy was created 31 years ago to reduce dependence on foreign oil. A $26 billion annual budget and 16,000+ employees has provided what? We have similar results from “The War on Drugs” at it’s 37th anniversary.

Smoke and Mirrors. Make no mistake, it’s all about the money. If we stop buying, they will find something else to sell.

Pop Quiz. Which of these are drugs: Marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine. Answer, all of the above, so why is one of those four treated differently? I don't do drugs but I also don't care what someone chooses to do in their home that has zero impact on my life. And as long as you are rambling about meaningless stats try adding in the thousands upon thousands of kidnappings and violent deaths that occur daily, not just on our streets but in Central and South America; all of which are attributable to one single thing: American Demand. We spend billions a year fighting the coke war in Columbia and have gained nothing. Why not really fight the war on drugs? Fight it by spending that money here and giving people something better for their lives so they won't need an escape. Spend the money on education so the urban poor wouldn't see selling drugs as their only way out. War on drugs my a$$, call it what it is. Its people like you ramming their morality down America's throat. Enjoy your three martini lunch but be sure to lock up little Billy for having a joint.

It's an excuse for bogus government agencies to get a free swim pass in the nations tax pool and supports organized crime. Too many people are suffering because of this poor excuse for effective policy. prohibition only serves those who profit from it, not those it pretends to protect.

Our Government, the Banking system, big business, and the CIA are all heavily involved in the business of illegal drugs.
All of this has been well documented, and FOIA papers reveal it.
Michael Ruppert's Book, Crossing the Rubicon, lays it all out in plain day. The "War on Drugs" is a myth to keep the masses in America thinking that law enforcement is doing something, while banks, governments, and the wealthy and powerful rake in mountains of dough.
If there were a war on drugs, then there would be arrests for money laundering, and banks shut down, credit card companies shut down. Ever heard of anything like that happening? No? I didn't think so. -see. There is no "War on Drugs".

David Evans: "The public rejects legalization. A Gallup poll reported that over 80% of Americans held that legalizing drugs was a bad policy and a large majority feared legalization would lead to increases in addiction, drug overdoses, drug-related crime and drug use by children."

JohnInOhio: Mr. Evans' statement about this poll is misleading and either he is not qualified to make comments on social issues or he is intentionally misusing polls.

When we ask people if they think drugs should be legal, it is a very different thing than asking them if pot smokers or for that matter heroine addicts should be locked in cages with violent sociopaths or lose their civil rights as is happening today. Polls will vary dramatically with how you ask the questions and I suspect Mr. Evans knows that.

The so called War on Drugs can be ended without making heroine available at your local convenience store. There are a plethora of options for dealing with these issues, problems, and challenges.

Easy stop the war on drugs I call it the War on the American People. The war is estimated to cost 100 billion a year, the cost of universal health care for ALL Americans is estimated to cost 70 billion a year do he math. We could use the 30 billion left to have a end of the war party! I live for the day! Let the 2 million non-violent good people out of jail (visit / read there stories)! It is the least we can do they have spent years in jail for just being Americans. I am 60 and do not advocate anyone use drugs. But I will fight for you’re right to have the rights as Americans restored to you, called freedom of choice! I feel our representatives should be put in jail for waging this war for personal gain. Why else would they sacrifice our lives at the rate of one every 38 seconds for minor drug law BS. Many large corporations would lose money if it were made legal and they pay our representatives both sides of isles to keep it the way it is.

The prohibition of cannabis lead by America's first drug czar, Harry Anslinger was founded under untruthful notions, i.e: "There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos, and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz, and swing, result from marijuana use. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and any others."

And since there's been no reformation of policies regarding cannabis, the foundation of lies and racism still exist. More significantly, the government continually lies to this day about cannabis. For whatever [real] reason, the government does not want cannabis legalized. To this day they spread lies that cannabis is fatal, when infact, no one in recorded history has ever died from cannabis.

I have only scratched the surface, alas, it is clear that there needs to be a change in policy regarding cannabis.

There are/ is a Real reason(s) .. For starters .. Many synthetic faric companies, fuel companies, drug companies and so forth have great reason to keep 'pot' illegal . Pot can be used as a medication , grown to make fabric, used as a fuel and so on .. therefore pot could replace these industries to a great degree. So, theses companies pay big $ to lobby against the legalization because they would lose revenue.
Maybe if the government did make pot legal and gave these industries first 'dibs' on manufacture'n they would stop lobby'n against the legalization??
As far as the black market goes in referance to pain pills .. I believe they are being imported from offshore far more than the media /government would have us believe. It's been a long time since this " war " began and there have been few actual results to show the tax payers. And they are demanding results. So, the easiest thing thus far to do .. Is to have turnned to people in chronic pain and to blame them for the plight of the american addict.
I read an article from a " doctor " who lived in the 1700's .. He believed that mental illness such as depression could be managed by opioids. And that there is a certain amount of people in the population who only feel truely well while taking opioids. And isn't that what all of us really want? I also read that some people do not produce the natural pain relieving chemicals that most people produce and that makes them hypersensitive to any discomfert. Also, other people have livers which produce a particular enzyme which can negate the effects of morphine and therefore can make a dose less effective. So, different people have different needs. I'll go back through my history on my pc (when i can afford to have the net turnned back on) and find the site that explains this better. Be well.

I meant 'Fabric' companies .. I misspelled.

Is built on lies and corporate greed.

Let's see what David has to say about prescription drug abuse, which has skyrocketed during the last 10 years. Sadly, it is far more beneficial to your kid (in legal terms, at least) to be caught with a pocket full of vicodin than an eighth of weed.

I have experienced the side-effects of the U.S. "War On Drugs." In my case, a group of friends and I were pulled over, searched, harassed, and humiliated on the side of a frequented highway because an officer "thought" he saw us smoking marijuana in the car and he "thought" he saw us hide a bag of marijuana somewhere in the car. He "thought" he saw all of this from his cruiser. There was no smell of smoke. There was no traffic violation. There were no questions. There was no marijuana. We were just heading home. The crime we committed was that we were shaggy-haired college students. The policeman was a search and destroy missile for marijuana prohibition.

We had done nothing wrong and yet we were guilty until proven innocent according to this officer. He actually told us we were going to jail that night.

The war is not working. The soldiers are no longer just attacking the "enemy." They are attacking anyone who "looks like the enemy."

It is time to rethink drug laws.

ABC News Tonight: The Tragic Death Of Rachel Hoffman — And The Tragedy That Is Pot Prohibition.
She was a college graduate who had gotten in trouble for possessing marijuana then selling marijuana to her circle of friends. They found a 1/4lb of marijuana in her house and about six ecstasy pills. Police said that she'd face 4yrs for the two felonies, or she could turn into a criminal informant. So they asked her to turn in two big time dealers. They wanted her to use 13k to buy cocaine ecstasy and a gun. She agreed. during the bust they lost her and she was killed by gun that she was supposed to buy.
This just goes to show that once you labeled a criminal your are less than human and therefor expendable. because they label drug users and sellers criminal they take away the human element from them in the eyes of the public. After that they do to you and your property as they please. This inhumane treatment has to end
just read these stories /

Take a small slice of the population and wage war on them. This war has gone nowhere in 80 years, it can't be won. Treatment and medical solutions are more beneficial to the country than more police, soldiers and guns.

The war on drugs is a lost cause! Let’s get rid of the profit motive and we’ll get rid of a lot of crime. That’s the fastest and surest way to put the traffic-ers out of business. Let’s get it under control and under supervision.