Download The Amazing Spider Man 2

Download The Amazing Spider Man 2

Swing into action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a third-person action-adventure video game that builds on the story of the previous game with an alternative take on the events of the movie sequel, while also giving players an enhanced, free-roaming web-slinging experience through a greatly expanded New York City.

HOW TO Master Streaming Media With iTunes

At last, we have a fully stocked music and movie library, a comfy couch, and a big bag of Funyuns. Let the streaming begin!
It all starts with your iTunes Library. To get the most out of Apple’s ecosystem, you’re going to want to have all your media on one central Mac or PC, and you’re going to want that Mac or PC to always be turned on. The Mac Mini is a great solution – it uses very little electricity, it’s small, it runs cool so it can be tucked away in a corner, and even an old model is perfectly competent. I’ve been streaming HD movies to  rooms around my house, all from a 2014 Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM. You can find them on Ebay for under $400. I actually prefer the older model, because it still has a DVD drive, for ripping media.
Once its set up, you don’t even need a monitor- just log into it with VNC, or plug it into your TV, because it has HDMI built-in as well.
One more tip, if you are looking for a used Mac Mini: It is NOT easy to upgrade the hard drive in these little buggers. Get one with a big enough drive, or plan on plugging in an external. Trust me.
Home Sharing
Okay, you’ve got your computer set up and iTunes is running. Now, click File>Home Sharing and turn it on. Home Sharing is Apple’s super-easy way to stream media, but since you have to log in with an AppleID, you can keep it private to only the devices you want to include.
You are probably using the same AppleID for your iTunes store account, but you don#8217;t have to. For example, I’m logged into my ID for home sharing and the store on my Mac, but on my wife’s iPad, she’s logged into my ID for streaming, but her store account.
That’s it! Easy, right? Now, let’s say you want to stream music around your house. You could buy a fancy wireless speaker system from Sonos or someone similar, and spend hundreds of dollars. But what if you already have speakers? Maybe you should pick up an Airport Express.
The Airport Express is a wireless base station made by Apple. It supports up to 50 wireless clients with 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless, and it#8217;s dual-band for better performance. It#8217;s fast, it#8217;s cute, and its rock solid: I haven’t had to reboot mine in over a year. It even has a wired Ethernet port, and USB for sharing a printer. All for $99. Yes, it’s a little more than other routers, but it’s worth it. And if you compare it to other routers with dual-band and printer sharing, it’s really not even that much more.
If you’ve already got an Airport Extreme, you can use the Express to expand your wifi range. But if you’d still rather not spend that much money, the old Express models can be found on Ebay even cheaper- they still support printer sharing, they just don’t offer dual-band, or a wired LAN port.
The best part about both Airport Express models is a feature the other routers don#8217;t have: AirPlay. See that audio jack on the right? That’s right, you can plug in any speakers you already own. Analog OR optical.
Here’s my kitchen, where I have a Klipsch speaker plugged into an old-style Airport Express. I also have a nosy cat who wants to be famous. I told her cats aren’t popular on the internet, but she doesn’t listen.
Once you’ve plugged in your base station, you can configure it with the free Airport Utility for Mac, Windows or iPhone. Here’s my network- as you can see, I’ve got an old-school Express extending the range of a new model. Select either one, and click the AirPlay tab.
You can name each device, which will come in handy later, and add a password if you don’t wont interlopers playing music without your permission.
Now go back to iTunes. See that AirPlay icon on the top left, near the play controls? Click it.
You can select one set of speakers to play through, or multiple sources at once! It#8217;s a trip to walk through my house and hear the music from room to room. You can even change the volume levels on a room by room basis.
The only feature that’s missing, I can’t play more than one song simultaneously from one Library. But if you’re really that crazy, you probably dropped $15,000 on a Crestron system anyway, so what are you doing here?
iPad iPhone
To play music from your Library on an iOS device, you’ll need to enable HomeSharing on it as well. Tap Settings>Music and log in your AppleID. Do the same for Settings>Videos.
Now open the Music app, click More, and Shared. You can select any shared library on your network and play music on your iPad, or tap the AirPlay icon on the top-right and play it out through your speakers. You can play multiple songs from one library this way– as we speak, I’m playing one song on my Mac, and a different song on my iPad. And my wife is watching Up in the living room. All streaming from the same iTunes library.
How cool is HomeSharing? Nothing to configure, just log in, and you’re done. Oh, your devices have to all be on the same wifi network. You probably figured that part out already. And performance will vary greatly, depending on the speed of your connection and signal strength.
Next time, we will finally wrap up by showing what you can do with an AppleTV.
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This post was written by Alex Kaloostian who is an IT trainer and consultant in the Boston area. He specializes in Mac servers, video editing, and the technologies that keep them going. In his spare time, he likes cooking, comics, and neglecting his WoW account since he had two kids. He works for and his personal blog can be found at
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Check Out What's New in iOS 7 Beta 5

Today, Apple has  released iOS 7 beta 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to registered developers. The latest beta brings stability enhancements and a lot of UI changes.
Jump over the break to check out the changes
1. All Settings icons redesigned ( new vs old )
2. More Yahoo presence
3. New Twitter icon
4. Users can now disable Control Center while in apps
5. Major performance improvements across the system
6.  Camera swipe access from Lock screen is easier
7. New slide to power off design:
8. New in-call icons
9. New option to pull down on a banner
10. Some transparency, blur, UI animation changes across the system
11. iOS 7 install screen has the same color as your iPhone color
12. Can access icons in a folder during animation
13. Some blurs and effects disabled on iPad mini (likely to improve performance)
14. Users can now bring back “on/off” labels on switches. Enable in Accessibility.
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Real World Angry Birds Plush Toys

Rovio will cash in further on their highly popular bird shooter Angry Birds by releasing a line of plushies this holiday season. No word on price and exact date yet, but TechCrunch did say that some of the toys will be available as in-app purchases.
See more pics after the jump

Apple Posts New iPod Touch Commercial

Just before Black Friday, Apple posts a new commercial advertising the iPod Touch. With iMessage, Game Center, FaceTime and more, you can share the fun on iPod Touch.
Check out the commercial after the break

Apple Is DAD's Most Awarded Design Studio and Brand

At the special 50th DAD awards which took place this week, Apple was named both the Most Awarded Design Studio and Most Awarded Brand of past 50 years.
To accept the iconic pencil award, Jonathan Ive (the senior vice president of industrial design) and the rest of his team took a break from the iPhone 5 madness and flew over to London.
Apple has been consistently selected for the awards due to their #8220;ability to sustain itself in our hearts and minds and the passion and utmost care that the design team puts into the development process.

Facebook Updated To v6.0 With Chat Heads

Facebook for iOS received a major update today, that introduces many new features for both iPhone and iPad. Probably the most significant change is the introduction of Chat Heads ( see 2nd and 3rd screenshot above ), a new way to chat with your friends. When you tap on a picture in Chat Heads, you will get a chat sheet that contains your entire conversation with that particular Facebook friend.
New for iPhone
  • Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads ( might not be available to everyone immediately ) 
  • Send stickers to bring your messages to life
  • Explore new feeds like Music, Photos and Games
New for iPad
  • Keep chatting from anywhere in the app with chat heads 
  • Browse brighter, more beautiful stories
Facebook is available for free as an universal app ( iPhone and iPad ) in the app store

Guy Creates His Own DIY Google Glass

Check out the ultimate DIY weekend project. With all the hype surrounding Google Glass, Ash Williams decided to create his own version of Project Glass that he called Flass.
I have to just add some silicone to the tips of the nose bridge so it doesn’t dig in so much, also it needs some sanding and a coat of paint, I won't be changing much from this point other than making it work with my glasses.
Why not do that now you say? I want to be able to put it on peoples heads and wow them with how cool the concept is, Im doing Google's work for them in Australia! Sure mine isn't as cool but it's getting the idea out there for people to make them want one.

FSM Guerilla: Jailbreaking An iPad 2 In A Seattle Apple Store [video]

We did it before, and we'll definitely going to do it again. About a year ago we used JailbreakMe 2.0 to jailbreak an AT&T store display iPhone 4 and save its blobs. Today, we walked into a Apple Store ( University Village Seattle, Washington), and thanks to JailbreakMe 3.0 we jailbroke a display iPad 2. Head over the break to check out the video.