Who Should be the Next Supreme Court Justice?

After nearly two decades on the bench, Justice David Souter, widely regarded as a surprise liberal, will retire from the Supreme Court in the summer of 2009. The High Court can have an enormous influence on the everyday lives of Americans, so President Barack Obama's replacement for Souter will be one of the most important decisions of his presidency. Who should the next Supreme Court justice be, and what values should they protect and promote?

According to how America was framed a person that is deeply rooted in the Word of God should be the one appointed to our Supreme Court System. Let me refer to the Frame of Government of Pennyslavania May 5 1682. 327 years ago our frame of government was being erected. Look this up and get educated.
"When the great and wise God had made the world, and all his creatures, it pleased him to chuse man his Deputy to rule it: and to fit himfor so great a charge and trust, he did notonly qualify him with skill and power, but with intregrity to use them justly. This native goodness was equally his honor and his happiness, and whilst he stood here, all went well; there was no need of coercive or compulsive means; the precept of divine love and truth, in his bosom, was the guide and keeper of his innocency. But lust prevailing against duty, made a lamentable breach upon it; and the law , that before had no power over him, took place upon him, and his disobedient posterity, that such as would not live comformable to the holy law within, should fall under the reproof and correction of the JUST LAW, in a Judical administration.
This the Apostle teaches in divers of his epistles: "The law (says He)was added because of transgression: "in another place, "Knowing that the law was not made for the righteous man; but for the disobedient and ungodly, for sinners, for unholy and prophane, for murderers, for whoremongers, for them that DEFILE THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND, and for man stealers, for lyers, for prejured persons,"&c., but this is not all, he opens and carries the matter of government a little further. " Let every soul be subject to the higher powers; for there is no power but of God. The powers that be are ordained of God; whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil: wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same." He is the minister of God to thee for good." Wherefore ye must needs be SUBJECT, not only for wrath, but for conscience sake."
This settles the DIVINE right OF GOVERNMENT beyond expectation, and that for two ends: first to TERRIFY the evil doers; secondly to CHERISH those that do well; which gives government A LEFE BEYOND CORRUPTION, and makes it as durable in the world, as good men should be. So that government seems to me a part of religion itself, a filing sacred in its instution and end. For, if it does notdirectly remove the cause, it CRUSHES the effects of evil, and is as such, (though a lower, yet) an emanation of the same Divine Power, that is both author and object of PURE RELIGION;the difference lying here, that the one is more free and mental, the other more corporal and compulsive in its operations: but that is ONLY TO evil doers; government itself being otherwise as capable of kindness, goodness, and charity, as a more private society . They weakly err, that think there is no other use of government, than corruption, which is the coarsest part of it: daily experience tells us, that the care and regulation of many other affairs, more soft, and daily necessary, makes up the GREATEST PART OF GOVERNMENT; and which must have followed the peopling of the world, had Adam never fell, and will continue among men on earth, under the highest attainments they may arrive at, by the coming of the blessed Second Adam, The Lord from heaven. Thus much of government in general, as to its rise and end.

This is part of the Preface of the FRAME of Government of Pennsylanvia. These people who lived in 1682 framed our government for the advancement of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ according to the "Articles of Confederation of the United Colonies of New England; May 1643".

We lack History education . These are true and pure facts. According to these documents-- Our next Supreme Court Justice should be a person who would make all just decisions based on and according to the rules of God.

According to the Constitution, the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. NOT from any " god ". I didn't serve in the military to be subjugated to a treasonous theocracy.

And what is "Just Powers" aveteran? Do you know the meaning to the word "just"? Let me give you the meaning to that word. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, education , and experience.
Just means righteous. Righteous is acting in a just, upright manner; doing what is right; virtuous. Righteous also means morally right; doing right or justifiable. My dictionary says see moral.
Moral pertains to manners or customs. It is relating to, dealing with, or capable of making the distinction between right and wrong in conduct. Moral implies conformity with generally accepted standards of goodness or rightness in conduct or character.
I present to you all the facts and truths about America's History in the framing of our government and you all want to question these truths that are written. I am 62 yrs old--and I can say that within the last 50 years our countries morals and values has fallen greatly because of people like you trying to get God out of our history books. Our forefathers framed our government. They framed it by the abstract of the Kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ. Heaven is an abstract of purety. Laws were set up to protect the righteous people of the land and righteous WAYS. They weren't set up to protect people like you who did not believe in Good. Our country was called "Divine Providence" in many of our historic documents. Do you not like that word either? Divine means of or like God or a god . It means given or inspired by God; holy; sacred. It means supremely great, good, etc.
The setting up of a Divine Providence was inspired by the word of God. The framing of Pennsylvania explains very clearly what these people's aim was and what the end result would be. Their aim was to live a life according to the word of God--Not a religion. Each person had their own religion--but they all used the Word of God as their instruction book or guide to set up DIVINE laws to protect the good people who tried to live their lives right. Each and every LAW protected every single person's right equally. If you steal--you go to jail no matter if you are religious or an atheist. You have a right to live a good life, but if you break that right way of living--you go to jail and suffer the consequesces of the choice you chose.
Our Supreme Court Justices are chosen to serve for life. Their WAYS of life and their WAYS of thinking affect each and everyone of us. If their WAYS are evil or unmoral--we pay by them passing LAWS against keeping the good blood from flowing in our country. What keeps good blood flowing? A book called, "The Bible" or The Word of God does that. I did not say religions-- I said a BOOK. This book was the book that FRAMED our government whether you like it or not. These are the TRUE FACTS and one day these true facts will rebuild America again once the regeneration begins. Atheists need to learn what the book is all about. It is about the good and right CUSTOMS, MANNERS, AND WAYS of life. This book teaches people how to be good and right. You don't have to let GOD teach you anything if you don't believe in God. Just let the BOOK teach you--A BOOK can't hurt you atheist can it? The book is full of PROVEN TRUTHS about life itself. You atheist are so concerned about proving that there is no GOD that you don't even want to look at the historic papers as to HOW the people FRAMED Pennsylvania. Nobody can teach people like you anything. With the truth stareing you in the face you will still try to argue it. Whether you like it or not--God's Word helped in the framing of this Divine Providence called America. Final arguement.

You are pointing back to treaties that were put in place nearly 400 years ago.. While I am sure that they are historically relevant they are not the basis for current US law , the central document for that is the Constitution.

One could just as easily argue that we are still bound by the Magna Carta.

The only true choice is a libertarian.We the people of the USA can not set around and let any more of your freedoms to be taken away.

I've seen litmus issues described very, very oddly. A pro-choice stance is an attack on Truth, Justice and the American Way. Supporting same-sex marriage is an Attack on Freedom.

Therefore, the next Supreme Court Justice should be Superman.