Should Marriage for Same Sex Couples be Legal?

The tide of marriage for same-sex couples has ebbed and flowed over the last decade with no end in sight. Because marriage sits squarely at the intersection of religion, law and society, the discussion around same-sex couples’ inclusion into the institution of marriage has been one of the most complex and hotly contested topics in America.

marriage is a holy matrimony between two people in love. Yes people. Not a man and woman anymore, times have changed and so should laws. I get it people are scared of the long lasting effects as in beastiality and polygamy. Seriously thinking though polygamy involves multiple people and the whole world understands that 2 yes TWO people get married not 3 4 5 and so forth. Beastiality...the fact people are actually scared about beastiality becoming and after effect of this is just rediculous. Gay people speak english, they work jobs like straight people, and hey why not mention it at this point, Gay people are good for overpopulation problems, they can't reproduce! Think about that..does a dog horse cat or any other animal speak english (dont say a parrot) because the answer is no, so how the hell would they get married if they can't say i do or the vows. Stop with these irrelevant problems that would become of this and just please do the humane thing and stand for your FELLOW AMERICANS who are madly in love with someone just as most of us are, what does it matter that a man loves a mand and a woman loves a woman. Its love.
PS clearly straight marriages arent going great considering the 50% divorce rate, so stop delaying the inevitable, gay marriage is in the future whether it be 10 or 100 years.

Quite right, its about time that people who are in love should be able to get married legally whatever sex they happen to be !


right on bro !!

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I'm putting all emotional ties out of the picture right now. I firmly believe gay marriage should be legalized. People insinuate that gay marriage will open the door for a myriad of heinous things. First of all, give me a reason against gay marriage that is actually ethical and has support. You could say it's wrong and that it is a gateway but prove this. It's between two adults who consensually share a bond, which is the same thing as a heterosexual marriage is it not? It has nothing to do with a child who is not mature enough mentally or sexually to commit to another person, especially as they are easily influenced in the stages of adolescence which leaves them susceptible to the people who supposedly love them. If they actually loved the child they would wait until they are of age so that they could make their own decision on that situation. As a marriage between two heterosexual people is legal for anyone over the age of 18, whether it be with an 80 year old and an 18 year old, or two 18 year olds. But now onto the actual reason I got an account on this site. No one on this article has argued from an economic standpoint. America is in a recession and a large portion of our population are gay couples who wish to be wed. Does no one see the potential benefit of these marriages? Married couples are taxed more than a single person because of their combined incomes. More taxes means less debt and more funding, and yes you could argue that if we would do this to get more taxes than why don't we legalize something else you consider immoral- like the selling of children in the human sex trafficking business, for example- because this is outwardly wrong and immoral. I see nothing that supports that fact for homosexuality. So if you are willing to sit by and watch the economy collapse all because you're too incompetent to realize the potential benefits then be my guest but as for the rest of us, we need to make a difference. And don't even get me started on the whole religious debate, separation of church and state people! Religion is not a valid and practical argument in a court room, so please drop that.
I'm 15 years old and a heterosexual male. I'm scared for the economic future of my generation, not to mention their moral viewpoints on equality, the very principal this country was founded upon. Have a voice, make a difference.

People naturally form families, from which the institution of marriage arose. Same-sex people do not naturally form families, and so the institution simply does not apply to them. This is just more PC invention of reality, rather than recognizing and supporting the natural way of human beings. BTW, what provisions and thought have gone into the inevitability of Same-sex Divorce?

Why did God create men? Because vibrators can't mow the lawn. Madonna

Why is it that in these debates those who are against gay marriage always say "if we let gays marry it will open the doors for beastiality and children marrying adults?" These comparisons are so irrational to me. Is it not obvious that a child is not emotionally, physically or sexually mature enough to make that type of commitment? Is it not obvious that animals dont even speak? Gay people exist in every culture and country around the globe it is not an isolated incident or a choice. People choose to be vegetarians or christians or teachers because of a core set of beliefs and values they feel passionate about. What sort of passionate beliefs could possibly follow choosing to be gay and in the same token choosing to be straight? It doesnt make sense to me. You don't choose to fall in love with another person you just do. It is a feeling that fills you up and you can't help it. I believe that we do need laws and structure to keep people safe from harm and abuse, but i dont see same sex couples as any more or less harmful or abusive than straight couples. Picture yourself with your wife or your husband and everything they mean to you and the years you have spent together and the love and compassion you have for them. Imagine someone telling you its wrong. Imagine the feeling of confusion and hurt that it would cause you having to justify day in and day out your love for them and all you share together. How horrible would that be? Times have changed and people have changed and religion has changed. See yourself in others. There is so much hate and horror in the world why are we fighting against two people who want to make a loving commitment to one another?

People are people regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexuality. Therefore, they should have the same rights as others have. Quit bringing religion into this because there is such a thing as church and state for a reason. Laws should not be created based on religion alone.

It's not about religion.marriage is supposed to be between a man and a women and anything besides that (minor and adult, polygamy, beastiality, and homosexuality) is a disgrace and that is why it is a law. Yes LAW take church out of it.Should we allow polygamy? I mean I guess if people should be allowed to be with who they want then husbands should be able to have as many wives as they want right and vice versa???

1 John 4:7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

WHOEVER LOVES IS BORN OF GOD. does it say whoever loves one of the other gender is born of god? nope it states whoever loves is born of god, gays are born of god.

haha see now you're just going off on a tangent and completely missing the point. Marriage is between two people, since when has this argument even been about more than two people? Please focus and don't waste my time. and men can and do have several partners, but marriage is for two people who love each other. We're not rewriting the definition of it, just the law bro. Oh and just the fact that you put homosexuality at the end of your little list of "disgraces" shows me that even you think it is the least immoral out of those examples.

You saying that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman is, in a way, bringing religion into the argument. Minors will not be minors forever and potential polygamists do not have to marry to be with different women. Homosexuality is not a choice. Why would anyone willingly choose to be ridiculed like homosexuals are? What if some law prevented you from being with the person you want to be with for some reason?

***Segregation, discrimination and hate have no place.
I look at the world and see hatred, discrimination, segregation and bullying from people who do not want to try to open their minds and hearts. How many more young people have to commit suicide because of lack of understanding by others and their own families.

***It's a religious debate - not God's debate.
Religion is a set of man made rules that interpret the scriptures to suit a particular group of people - hence so many Christian religions. If you quote the bible then quote it in it's entirety - not just cherry-pick that one verse. God created us in His own image - if you tell LGBT people that they need to be fixed then you insult God by telling Him He got it wrong. Only God can judge (not people) and His love is unconditional.

***Same sex marriage will reduce divorce rates?
Do people really think that LGBT people choose to be LGBT? When did you choose to be straight? Who would want to live a life of hostility and hate from others? You will hear Same sex marriage is undermining the sanctity of marriage. Heterosexuals (Kardashians and a long list of others) are doing that just fine themselves without any help from same sex couples. If you want more love in the world let sames sex couples who have been together for years boost the sanctity of marriage. Divorce rates are up due to heterosexuals - as they are mostly the only ones that can marry.

***Sex should be between a man and a woman?
A man has sex with a woman to procreate so we are told therefore it MUST be natural. But couples have sex using contraception to share the physical enjoyment and love while avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Clearly it's not about procreation. There is no evidence to suggest that straight couples are better at raising children - and clearly they are the ones that have produced LGBT people.

***What are you hiding?
Those who are vehemently opposed to LGBT people or same sex couples are often hiding something deep within. He knows - he was one of them. After 26 years of faithful marriage he told his wife and children that he had known he was gay since he was 13. At that age like many others he learnt to hide his feelings because of what the "majority" expect and the fear of retribution by others - not God. Many people hope it is a phase that will pass but it is just the way they are. There is no cure because they were not ill to begin with. His family realized he was the same husband, same father they had known and loved - just more open about who he really was. Yes they decided to start their lives over but the love and respect they had for each other remains.

***One man's "natural" is another man's "unnatural"
To straight people being LGBT is not their idea of "normal".
To LGBT people being straight is not their idea of "normal".

Like the two sentences above LGBT and straight people have the same ingredients - the exact same letters - they are just made up differently - with one exception - One of them has more love. Can you tell which one yet?

***Move on and evolve.
There are far more important issues in the world to fight against - like abuse, terrorism, racism, poverty, cancer. So make the world a better place with more love and less hate. the way.. "he" is me.

Is a child molester born a child molester? Is a polygamist born a polygamist? Is someone who commits incest born that way? No it is a choice that is not made just over night.People do not choose to be gay in a day..If it was something we were born with it wouldn't even be a debate JUST LIKE INCEST. It's not about RELIGION ITS ABOUT WHAT IS RIGHT AND WHAT IS WRONG PERIOD THATS WHY IT IS A LAW. It is a twisted way of thinking.Don't tell me that comparing a man who wants to be with a man is far better than an adult wanting to be with a minor.It is so sad that people accuse TRUTH and what is illegal as "hate, bullying and discrimination" just because you can't do what you want.or someone told you it was "ok".get help

It used to be the law that black people could not mix with whites.
It was legal to have slaves.
It used to be the law that women could not vote.
Most intelligent people have evolved.

Clearly you are still "pond life".

You make judgments about things you know nothing about.

If you read the bible you would know you must not eat shellfish, wear clothes of mixed fabric, stone you son if he disobeys you.

When did you choose to be straight ?

I was born straight and so is everybody else because men have _____ and women have _____. Again it is a twisted way of thinking. Most intelligent people understand that ..Answer me this should we allow a minor and an adult who really love each other to get married or is that hate, judgement and discrimination..I guess your not allowed to tell them they shouldn't get marriend either right? Should we just all "evolve and allow polygamy as well? Gay marriage opens up the door to those things that's why it is the law.It's a bad thing..Slavery and the things you mentioned were wrong and that's why they became sad is it that you use that to justify gay marriage.

oh by the way most of those laws were in the old testament and were done away with when Jesus came to die on a cross in the new testament but I hesitated to say that because I did not want make this a religous thing.You brought up the bible not me. If you did read the bible you would see that God destroyed entire city (Sodom and Gomorrorah) because of homosexuality..

And there you go quoting the old testament again?
You equate / compare molesters to LGBT people. Same sex marriage is between two consenting ADULTs who want to spend their lives and love together.

Sodom and Gomorrah (watch your spelling) -if you study and research it thoroughly - is about rape, not the love between two people - it does not condemn same sex relationships. Lot was protecting them.

If you want to stick to the new testament then notice also that Jesus said WHOEVER believes in him shall have eternal life. The condemnation is reserved for WHOEVER does not believe in Him. It is unconditional love. He made no mention of homosexuals in this passage.

I feel your rage and hatred. You need a personal relationship with God - clearly you do not have one yet.
777 - too close to 666.

Sodmony is the act of anal sex bewteen two men get your story straight. The Bible then informs us, "Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom — both young and old — surrounded the house. They called to Lot, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'"And again I didn't quote the old testament FIRST YOU did my friend.So just because I don't agree with the act of being gay means I hate you??wrong people are aloud to not agree and have their own opinions its not hate. Even God doesn't agree with homsexuality but that doesn't mean he hates gays.Just like he doesn't hate someone who commits murder or rape.doesn't make it right. Having a personal relationship with God doesn't mean just believeing in him because even Satan believes in God.Read your bible. Corinthians 6:9-11: "Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. Truth is not hatred.

Sodomy is anal sex with anyone - men and women has *ss holes. Go take a biology class, get a spell checker and develop a relationship with God void of hate. Your hate betrays you.

I will not respond to any further comments from you but to leave you with these words:

Despite your hate I love you as God loves you - and there is nothing you can do about it. I will continue to pray for you.

I guess you did not see the verse talking about men having sex with men in Sodom.Homosexuality is a sin period. Sorry you think standing up for what is right and having a debate is hatred..I am sorry you are being more thing don't hate you.truth hurts

Well, in my part of the world, its simple. You just have 2 b straight. Darn! T'aint easy.. Worse, really worse, most gays are christian.. And just 4 d records ignorantees, gay is not a noun!

Ok first of all you say that people who are gay should be allowed to get married because we all have the human right to love whoever we want?? So I guess we should allow a 30 year old and 13 year old to be together because they "love" each other?? No that's child molestation which is sick just like gay marriage is sick. Theres no DNA or chromosome that makes you gay its a twisted way of thinking. I do not hate gays but I hate the act its not right. You may think this is stupid but have u ever seen a male animal with another male animal?? We were made to reproduce. Marriage is sacred between a man and woman.what a disgrace

It used to be the law that black people could not mix with whites.
It was legal to have slaves.
It used to be the law that women could not vote.
Most intelligent people have evolved.

Clearly you are still "pond life".

You make judgments about things you know nothing about.

If you read the bible you would know you must not eat shellfish, wear clothes of mixed fabric, stone you son if he disobeys you.

When did you choose to be straight ?

Comparing a an adult marrying a minor to two consenting adults making an informed decision is the real sick thing. As for the whole gay gene thing, it may not be something that is currently isolated, but all of science agrees that sexual orientation is something that occurs, and is not chosen by the individual. Just as you did not choose to be straight, I did not have any say in being gay.
To move onto the "have u ever seen a male animal with another male animal" part of your argument? Yes, yes I have. There were two gay penguins that were highly popularized at a Toronto zoo several years ago. Currently, over 1,000 species of animals have shown homosexuality, including cattle. The bulls are regularly found to go "prison gay" during raising.
For the whole reproduction thing, does this mean we should outlaw marriages between infertile couples and old couples? If reproduction is the whole point of marriage, than their weddings make as little sense as gay weddings. Also, with the world population approaching seven billion, the last thing we need are more children being brought into the world. Many gay couples choose to adopt, and if they did not, many of those children would never find homes.
As for the term "sacred", it implies religion. I would like to point out that in America, there is separation of church and state. Therefore, stating that laws that affect the whole public should be based on one religion in inherently unconstitutional. Also, if marriage is so "sacred", how come we allow two people to get married at drive-thru chapels in Las Vegas, or allow divorce in general. How come we legalized both Brittany Spears and Kim Kardashian's weddings? Honestly, if those are legalized, how about the two women who have been together for twenty years? At least their marriage has a shot at lasting.

Agree. The only ones undermining marriage are heterosexuals - after all they are the vast majority that are allowed to marry at the moment. But "the arc of history bends towards Justice" a great quote from Democratic Sen. Pat Steadman.

Well unfortunately that's my point years ago gay marriage was viewed the same way a 30 year old with an adolecent is viewed today.and you can do your research there are groups out there who actually do these things and want it to be legal. If gay marriage should be legal than why shouldn't Polygamy, Incest and beastiality be legal? I think that gay marriage will open the doors to so many ugly things.My point is that marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.anything else perverted and that is why it is illegal. It's not about religion and it's not a hate speech. As far as divorce I'm with you on that its a shame that people in our society abuse that as a "way out." That's what I mean when I say marriage is sacred. Divorce should be used if someone is being abused in anyway or if there is adultery involved. Sometimes marriages just don't work out but like I said with the whole Kim Kardashian and Britanny thing some people abuse divorce but some people do get a divorce for the right reasons. Also one more thing I have been married for 3 years and hope to have a child one day of my own regardless of how big the population is.

yes gay marriage should be legal!! How would you like it if I told you you can't get married just out of blue! You would feel sad and you would be very upset. Well I know I would! That's how they feel when the government tells them they can't be married. They have the human right to love whomever they want to!! I think the government (and everyone) should be worried about poverty, unemployment and natural disasters occurring than whether or not gays should be allowed to get married. I know that in the bible it says homosexuality is a sin. I'm not a Christian so I really don't care. But doesn't the bible also say that EVERYONE is a sinner! (I just googled that so I'm not entirely positive) It says "Isaiah 64:6 We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind." so don't hate on gays because they are 'sinners' when that clearly says "we are all infected and impure with sin". I'm not gay but I have gay friends who are some of the nicest people I've ever met and I hate that they can't marry the person they love!!! If you love someone no one should be able to say that they can't be legally recognized as a couple. Going back to the bible thing, the bible says that God forgives your sins! From what I know about God all the Christians say He loves everyone equally and people on this site have argued that God would not create something just to destroy it! That only happened in Greek mythology which has nothing to do with this debate. Also people have been saying that gays can't reproduce so they shouldn't get married. Bull! So people who physically can't have kids shouldn't be allowed to be married straight or not1 Yes that is a totally valid argument (HEAVY SARCASM THERE). On a website there was an amazing pie chart of what will happen if gay marriage is legalized. The circle was all light blue. In the key it's: light blue-Gays will get married red- the world will explode (or something like that I don't have the chart right in front of me) I don't see why whether or not these very nice people should be allowed to be married is such a huge deal! There are so many more relevant things to worry about in life than this. It's not any of our countries business who gets married and who doesn't.
I rest my case.

can you guys sign this petition please if you think gay marriages should be legalised :)
theres more info on the link

thankyou in advance.

Why Gay Marriage? Why does it have to be MARRIAGE for gay's? Marriage between and man and woman, Union between Gays with same benifits. I know it is just a matter of sematics but couldn't this satisfy both sides?

No it's a horrible idea. I recognize that they want extra rights (we all have equal rights, I cannot marry a person of the same sex if I want to, nor can they, and we both have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex) not equal rights. Once you have extended extra rights to one citizen, you cannot stop the flood gates. We have already seen this in certain states, where IMMEDIATELY following the legalization of same sex marriage bills were proposed (Virginia) to legalize Necrophilia, Bestiality, and plural marriage, just to name a few. Not to even mention NMBLA (National Man Boy Love Association) which is now seeking the rights for men to marry BOYS on the premise of "unequal rights". Did I mention that many of these are already halfway through passing state legislatures?? They make the same claim, if the boy loves me and I love the boy and his parents consent, why can't we get married? I don't have any issue with those who's lifestyle differ from mine, I have several very close friends who are homosexual, and they are great people. Even they recognize that once you have morally degraded marriage and begun to accept all forms of marriage, there is no such thing as marriage anymore, and therefor there are no such thing as children being born out of wedlock. Legalizing gay marriage begins a moral and social decline that is impossible to stop.

Washington is now the 7th state in the union to allow gay marriages. Governor Chris Gregoire signed the controversial bill into law on Monday. The signing was in the middle of much jubilation from proponents of the bill. However, a solid opposition promises to have it repealed. As much as having Same-sex marriage signed into law in Washington State have made many hearts jubilant, they have yet to wait if the repeal will not push through.

so what if people are gay or bi! who actually really care's? all those who are against this whole same sex marraige are just against it to take matters of what really should illegal. if someone loves another HUMAN being the same sex or not they should have a right to conceal their love with a ring and a day that revolves around them!

Wrong!!! They shouldnt be able to love another human.. All gay men need to get some pussy!!!!!!

Well, where to start? You're a complete DUNCE, truly. Obviously you don't understand love nor marriage. Love is when you love another human regardless for who they are, and whole-heartedly. It's well-known you only seem to care about sex. Lust and Love are two very different things. Sad that you can't tell the difference between the two. Marriage is all about love not lust, when two humans love each other, they're going to marry. So who is to say who can and cannot marry? Who died and made you king? MOST likely a gay man will mean every vow he repeats when he gets married, but does a straight man? Straight couples don't even take their vows seriously, they think marriage is a joke. Look at the divorce rate for straight people. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK
by the way, if you truly believe that being with a woman is going to make them become straight you're an imbicile! That is what you call a "COVER UP", for a human who is scared to tell the truth not just to one's peers, but to themselves. Is that you?

what is wrong with you?! Do you honestly think that by hooking up a gay man with a woman that will change his views on who he wants to love! God, I absolutely hate idiots who think being gay is a choice. No one CHOOSES to be ridiculed by a bunch of self-centered imbeciles who think they know everything

any person regardless of sexual preference has every right to seek out happiness, whether that happiness is found in someone of the same gender, a different gender, being alone or just making a name for yourself. to deny someone that right because theyre different then you is closed minded,look at interracial marriages- they were considered tabboo and wrong by older generations, but now when they happen theyre perfectly acceptable. its all an evolutionary change, changes happen and you can either accept them or fight them and make life harder for everyone.

I believe that all you are gay as hell it sickens me that you people like things up your buttholes it makes me sick have a nice day

What are you hiding that makes you so hateful?
It's not about sex - it is about love between two people who want to share their lives together. LGBT includes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. It's not about butt holes

Clearly you have something up you butt.

When did you choose to be straight ?

why think about it in that way not every relationship is based of sex.
two people as the same sex experiencing love and emotional connection

There is not ONE good or justifiable reason same sex marriage should not be legalized EVERY WHERE.

Of course gay marriage should be legal! Now, I may only be 13, but I have been snooping around the debates and listening to people's opinions and I think it's fair for everyone to have the same right as straight people. I am gay and I would hate being treated as a second class citizen. Remember the time when black people were treated poorly? They were put into slavery and they had almost none of the rights as white people? A couple hundred years later and now they are treated with the same respect as any other colored person. Well right now gay people are the ones being discriminated. Pretty soon everyone will realize we are beautiful and all those homophobic losers will feel pretty horrible. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

"With what judgement you judge, you will be judged. With what measure you use, you will be measured." mathew 7:2 remember this when you let hate blind you.

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." remember that when you compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ. Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;reprove, rebuke, exhort with ALL long suffering and DOCTRINE.

Yes. If you say you're against big government, why are you trying to tell others what they can and can't do, based on your views, which they may not share? If you say that it'll open the door for pedophilia and bestiality, you should think about the fact that same-sex marriage is between two human adults, who are legally able to consent. If you want laws to be made based on your religion, then you should have no problem with laws based on atheism, or religions such as Islam or Buddhism.

I think that if you are gay/lesbian then you have the right to be happy just like people who are of the opposite sex relationship. So everyone who is honestly against if need to STFU and let people be the way they want it their life not yours live your own life stay out of others.

exactly my point sherlock, people can be the way they want just not with God. their choice.Im not the one trying to make everyone accept my views, they are.

I believe marriage was made up by God Himself, therefore making it a religious ceremony("holy matrimony"), the question is "what does the state have to do with a religious ceremony?" Isn't everyone always trying to seperate the two? SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!Homosexuals are always complaining about the bible telling them what to do, yet they are doing the same to the bible as far as marriage, the rainbow, ect.. If people dont want to be Biblical based Christians, Just leave it alone!why do they keep trying to prove God wrong? because they know deep down inside that God is most likely right. That's been the whole issue since the beginning of time.I dont accept certain things so I just dont bother with it, I'm not out to discriminate and cause the whole world to get on my side over it. If Jesus wasn't the Way, the Truth and the Life as He claims then nobody would bother with it. This isn't burger king "you can't have it your way", your either in or out, it's that simple, it IS your choice. I dont agree or want anything to do with satanism so I stay out of it, I dont go around calling them discriminators, bigots or try to get the state to change them to believe my way, in fact, the Bible is'nt about our way in any way! It's all about God's way and like I said it's our choice to be in or out, not to impose our way on God. Amen!

One way, you bring up a good issue (perhaps unknowingly) the sacrament of marriage. It's a powerful term and an idea worth protecting-though as with all things religious you'll find different faiths have different ideas about what it means. All we can protect really is each faith's right to define and protect it as they understand it. However, this is beside the point in the legal marriage debate. Because here we are talking About civil marriage and the rights and responsibilities bestowed on a married couple by Ceasar. Not God Generally speaking we use the one word to mean both things in this country. As someone raised Catholic I fully support the churches right not to allow my partner and I enter their sacrament of marriage. That said, as a citizen of a democracy that guarantees the freedom of and from religion, I have every right to take place in the same civil contract as any other married person. I have a right to be equally protected under the law. These are different issues. More importantly, our daughter deserves the additional security and protection of her parents being married.


then the big issue is hate. which if I dont accept you being homosexualdue to my belief in Jesus, BUT I dont hate you either, thats where the confusion comes in, real christians dont condemn or kill or put in jail anybody cause of their belief or preference, we are though commanded by our Lord Jesus to preach His(not ours)gospel to warn others of a coming judgment, you and anybody else in this world have the right to accept or decline the gospel, and as a christian i am to abstain, love and pray for those who do not accept Jesus and His teaching. in no way are we to hate you, unfortunately there are those who take it upon themselves to twist the word of God and use it for their own agendas and everyone thinks they're real christians. we are warned against these false preachers, teachers, ect..real Love warns people and does not masquerade it.. Peace.

Wow whyarepeoplesodumb that is the best you can come up with?

Hello imcoolwithit,

Please don't discourage whyarepeoplesodumb!!! The irony of his/her username and his/her comments has supplied me and my man with lots of laughs, not to mention the hilarious comments on their own, minus the name irony thing! Really, it's too much, and although I suppose it is a bit mean to make fun of another's inability to express their thoughts in a coherent manner, I think it's forgivable in light of the meaness of those thoughts. We weren't sure we understood exactly how this person looks at the world (due to the hideous, nearly indecipherable posts), but after the most recent it was, finally, clear.

But then we read your post and thought your (quite reasonable btw) criticism may have discouraged this person from continuing his/her posting. Laughter is healthy, and the humor we find from this person's posts may be his/her only contribution, albeit unintentional, to humanity. So, I say don't take that away from this person who so obviously has a dirth of abilities and likely lacks capacity to improve upon any inate gifts. ;-)