Should Medical Marijuana be Federally Legalized?

Millions of Americans take prescription drugs to treat a plethora of illnesses and symptoms, but not all drugs are created equal. The question of whether or not to consider marijuana a viable medical treatment remains a hot button issue. In states like California, medical marijuana clubs have flourished despite their federal illegality. Should the federal government allow states to make their own decisions, or is marijuana nothing more than a dangerous narcotic?

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This is why we have so many bogus patients. Medicann Inc has over 170,000 patients more than half of the medical marijuana users in the state. Here is the ABC channel 7 news story. /iteam&id=6802270

Medical marijuana laws must be addressed at the federal level. Regardless of state laws, the use of medicinal marijuana is still a federal crime . This is very wrong, and must be corrected.

Marijuana prohibition is wrong, but the medicinal and health benefits of cannabis need to be addressed too. Time for truth.

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We can read thank God for that and we can remember things, history repeats itsself and this shows you right now its time for reform!
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I think pot as a Class D drug is insane. It is not heroin, it is not cocaine . It's pot! I would love to see fed laws change and allow personal use ALONG with medical use, but think the political expediency is such that only a lame duck president would consider changing the law like that.

FURTHER, I would like to see pot decrimmed like the Dutch model, but license production (they don't in Holland - but it's legal to sell), license smoke shops, and tax the hell out of it. I'd gladly pay more for legal pot than not. I think there are millions in the US like me. With tax revenue, we could fund treatment programs for those that need/want treatment.

Marijuana should be legalized period!

8,000 people have been murdered by the cartels since Jan '08 for the sole reason of protecting their cash flows from selling marijuana into the U.S.

WHEN we legalize marijuana these cash flows will dry up to nothing. That'll eliminate 60 - 70% of the cartels' incomes and end their incentive to commit these murders.

That should be all the reason we need to LEGALIZE the production and sale of marijuana to adults!!

Times can blind us to certain truths and later generations can see that laws once thought necessary and proper in fact serve only to oppress.

1. any of a class of substances that blunt the senses, as opium, morphine, belladonna, and alcohol , that in large quantities produce euphoria, stupor, or coma, that when used constantly can cause habituation or addiction , and that are used in medicine to relieve pain, cause sedation, and induce sleep.
2. anything that exercises a soothing or numbing effect or influence

3. of or having the power to produce narcosis, as a drug .
4. pertaining to or of the nature of narcosis.
5. of or pertaining to narcotics or their use.
6. used by, or in the treatment of, narcotic addicts.

"By the way, I tried this with the FBI for twenty years and they wouldn't listen, and you won't listen either but, I am going to try. If you are going to go out and talk about drugs and whatever you are going to do with drugs, will you please discard the entirely antiquated and erroneous word "narcotics." Narcotics are drugs that put people to sleep."

original definition. The prohibs changed the definition of narcotic to include MJ, but MJ was not listed when the term was first defined.

narcotic (nar-ktk)
Any of a group of highly addictive analgesic drugs derived from opium or opium like compounds. Narcotics can cause drowsiness and significant alterations of mood and behavior.

This re-definition is part of bigot piggy bro's continuation of Reefer Madness efforts to scare people away from cannabis.


Seems like a wasted effort much like prohibition was. If the people want it they will grow it.

My Doctor Has Suggested Marijuana For Anxity And Severe Panic Attacks!

But The Law Is Too Harsh, So I Continue To Suffer Daily,Aprox. 7 Years.

Do you think Jesus would put one fellow man every 36 seconds in jail for smoking a herb? Only the greedy corporations that would lose money advocate putting more Americans in jail for pure profit protection!!
The major drug pushers (so called legal) support jailing Americans. It is estimated of the 680 billion dollar profits would be cut by 80% if cannabis were legal. That is a loss of 544 billion to this one industry now you know why they support jailing us. They pay, bribe what ever you call contributing to our lawmakers through lobbiest to the tune of millions ever year. Our lawmakers rather that helping Americans and representing us pass laws and put us in jail. All for pure greed one thing we need to do is have term limits on all elected officials especially our lawmakers.
You say but the Drug Free American Foundations says, wait a second the main supporter to this organization is the so called legal drug pushers, there again they are protecting their profits..

Cherokee Fred Hussein Jesus

say to use moderately & responsibly. He does say in the NT that being drunk is a no no but He does not say do not drink any where in the Bible. He made wine from water & I am sure He partook of a moderate amount of wine, but since the Bible says He was without sin He could never have been drunk.

He also is co-Creator of all herbs.

I disagree with term limits. The few good people we have in DC like Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter & a few others would have been gone by now. We need pro-Constitution people there now more than ever. We can do the term limit thing at the ballot box.

Pretty good post over all.


I'm honestly surprised that the U.S. federal government hasn't jumped right on the medical marijuana bandwagon. Doing so would preempt any attempt at legalized recreational use, as I personally can't think of a single prescription drug that is also legal for recreational consumption. And spare me the alcohol argument.. I also don't know of any doctors who are prescribing Jack Black or a six-pack of Bud as a medicine.

I disagree with the concept of "medical" marijuana for precisely this reason, not because I don't have compassion for those who benefit from its therapeutic effects. If marijuana is legalized for private recreational use, then those who benefit from it medicinally will be able to do so without the encumbrance of our wonderful health care system or the federal government. And those of us who are healthy and enjoy its recreational properties will be able to do so without having to contribute to the newly created underground "medical" marijuana black market.

Very good point. After all it's ok to use alcohol to relax. If Phelps had been holding a beer rather than a bong, would MSM made all the fuss?


I agree with most of the points made here. First, it is notable that the side arguing for continued criminalization hasn't objected to the arguments in favor of legalization. I wonder why that is? Second, the question is a bit loaded. I think it should simply be legalized, no prescription required. I know the pharmaceutical companies vehemently disagree with this approach. Again, I ask: I wonder why that is? America is OUR country, its time we take it back!!!

The government needs to stop regulating herbs. I have a few poisonous plants growing in my yard , why are they legal? I think poison oak should be illegal , it puts many people in the hospital every year. Take the money spent on marijuana eradication and use it for poison oak eradication!

I have used MJ since my Viet Nam days like many in the military I tried it and liked it! I have used it for thirty-five years during a very successful career raising three kids and now more than ever I enjoy its recreational use in my retirement. I am a very young looking 60 and very healthy and have not been to a doctor since I was released for the Air Force in 1972. It sure helped me through some hard times in my life. My mother had problems with severe depression my father and grandfather died from drinking legal booze. I have had neither problem the smoke helps with depression and I do not drink legal booze it will kill you! Now if we could just get our Nazi money hungry crooked FEDS off our ass we could live in peace. The only thing I do not like about MJ is the law made by racist seventy years ago and now our leaders hooked on the 100 billion of our tax money they blow ever year fighting a miracle drug and its users. I feel using the mild drug has helped me!!

Have insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and many other illnesses, want relief? Did I mention there are no side effects? I can say from forty years of personal research Curall-X has no repeat no adverse effects that I can see. Now they are saying people that smoke or ingest CRX on a regular basis may fend off cancer more effectively, YES! Why then do our Federal lawmakers keep it illegal? Follow the money do a little research on your representative check the PACs they receive money from. Big liquor, major drug companies, GEO corp all lose money if CRX were legalized! CRX was made illegal for pure racist reasons. Now the 100 billion we spend every year putting someone in jail every 38 seconds for minor drug charges; feeds the machine! Stop this War on the American People just for being Americans, restore our rights! Stop our leaders from sacrificing our lives for personal gain. Read! the truth it is out there our leaders lie. They are putting one in three blacks in drug prison!

I have basal cell carcinoma. The lesions are on my head, neck, and face. I used cannabis oil to treat two of the lesions. I manufactured the oil at home. I applied the oil directly to, and around these two lesions, covered them with a bandaid, and left it there for 4 days. I continued this procedure for 20 days. The lesions are now nonexistant, cured. OH, these lesions had been biopsied by the Veterans Administration Medical Center Dermatology Clinic in Dallas. It's a shame that I could be arrested, and put in jail for curing cancer.

university of iowa, and iowa state university are both teaching it to their students. the science of it, when to prescribe it, dosage, etc. im sure other universities across the nation are doing the same thing, i just haven't looked deep into that.

why not use it as medicine? it has an endless amount of uses. think of all the drug interactions that other medicines have.. it is a very safe way to treat things. you cannot overdose from marijuana, making it less dangerous than simple things such as ibuprofen and caffein, which can both kill you. this makes it very easy to use.

i take FIVE pills every day for mental disorders and one every day for high blood pressure. marijuana sure would make things easier. not only would i be down to taking just 1 or 2 total medicines, but it would also make things much easier when i need a prescription for an illness or osmething. it isn't easy for doctors to prescribe me medicine that doesn't interract with my other meds.

Marijuana is far less detrimental then the addictions of alcohol/tobacco use. You can attribute millions of deaths to that of the two.If you tried to make the same case against marijuana,you would come up quite short.Countless lives have been ruined by insane outdated drug laws.The term "gateway" drug is a farce,the only gateway it provides would be that of the black market trade.If you have to go underground to retrieve something,of course you will come out dirty.The values of this herb are overseen.Not just as a medicine,but as a fuel, nutritional food source,paper product,textiles and building material.Those that speak the contrary are entitled to their opinions,just as responsible adults should be entitled to enjoy recreational usage.I will never understand how you can use substances legally,that ensure you'll contract a myriad of diseases,but you cannot use something legally that will help you live more comfortably,if you cantract such ailments.FYI, I do not smoke marijuana.

If MMJ was killing anyone I could possibly see the government and LEO's putting so much money and time into stopping it's use.
The US Government has been deliberately blocking all research which would prove it's value, even their own research - because any true danger of using MMJ is negligible.

Cannabis has medicinal property, that is very clear. Alas, cannabis's chemicals aren't completely understood, however it has been shown that pure THC pills do not produce the same effects as smoking. Logically, this means that the entire array of chemicals cannabis holds produces the desired high.

Alas, smoking cannabis seems to hold more positive significance to the users in pain, rather than the negative effects of damaging their lungs. And with that understood, embracing the method of vaporizing cannabis reflects a perfectly rational, reasonable method to dose on cannabis without having any negative effects to the user.

The only fallacy to the perspective of treating cannabis as a medicine is that it is not entirely understood. This in turn could generate problems. But having cannabis federally prohibited only generates more problems.

I just think it should be pointed out that the no side experts have not bothered to object any of the yes sides points. I do not want to assume anything but i think there is some non-verbal communication in that.

I do have to clarify my post by saying that I think that people should be able to get the medical care that they need without having to worry about the cost. Okay, it does make me sick that a stock broker (who thus can afford healthcare) is getting marijuana from our government, while others are going without life sustaining medications. I am also a bit frustrated on a personal level that I can afford my own prescriptions when I suffer from a varient of this same disease as described by Rosenfeld. Furthermore, because I know a lot about this condition, it kills me to listen to such a mischaracterization. Admittedly, I would love it if the government would send me a bottle of Motrin now and then.

People with AIDs or cancer should be able to get anything that they need. As for Rosenfeld, there are plenty of people are too poor to buy life sustaining perscriptions and the government is not stepping in to help them out. Why does this guy (who clearly has an income)get free government Marijuana? He should buy his own stash! Also, I do not think that Rosenfeld is completely honest in characterizing the disease. While he undoubtedly suffers, he also exaggerates symptoms, e.g. the chances of getting cancer are actually rather low and the tumors do not as he says "rupture blood vessels". He further obscures the nature and prevalence of his condition by using convoluted nomenclature. Multiple Hereditary Cartilaginous Exostosis is more commonly called Multiple Hereditary Exostosis or Multiple Osteochondromatosis. While the disease is rare, Rosenfeld is not all that unique. Indeed, it strikes me as being duplicitous that he would resort to this obscurity.

With a projected $482 Billion budget deficit next year, the government should really look at all opportunities to collect revenue. Rather than spend billions on jailing and prosecuting marijuana users, they should collect billions in taxes off of them. It opens the doorway for safety regulations as well.

In the marijuana debate, both recreational and medical, I hear countless studies and facts from the legalization side and nothing but fear mongering and misdirection from the prohibition side. If there are any real facts against legalization I have yet to hear them.

It is true that using marijuana has side effects but so do the legal treatments. The prohibition folks will say "smoking pot is bad for you" yet they'll let doctors prescribe morphine which, by any measurement, is extremely bad for you. Almost no medicine can treat you with no side effects. The job of scientists and doctors should be to find a good treatment and minimize the side effects to the extent they can. Marijuana is a good answer.

How many billions are spent each year on this so-called "War" on drugs? How much good is it actually doing? With minimal effort, you can find and purchase a bag of weed in a matter of hours– without even knowing a "drug dealer."

The fact that it is far less harmful than alcohol is widely known. The only thing that makes marijuana a "gateway" drug is the fact that it is illegal.

Here's an idea: How about we just legalize marijuana for good? Then people can use it for whatever they want, and it won't be our tax dollars going up in smoke.

For those of you who have to listen to people who claim that medical marijuana is a myth just point out that the US Govt itself holds a patent on the use of cannabinoids for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including stroke, trauma, HIV dementia, Alzheimer's, auto-immune disorders, and Parkinson's. It's patent #6,630,507 and it was awarded back in 2003 based on research done at the National Institute of Health.

Who can argue with that? Let's all send copies of this patent to our elected representatives. Legal documents in the public domain carry a lot of weight with lawmakers. Hoist them by their own petards, I say! And get the laws changed.

That the gov has patents leads to a conclusion: MJ is not so bad after all.

Also leads to one of the reasons MJ is illegal--it can't be patented. But the synthetic products & derivatives can be.They are not interested in our health . They are mostly interested in making $$. Look for products taken from cannabis to be ballyhooed as great breakthroughs in medical science . They will probably not say where the idea came from, the MJ plant.


I answer yes to this question, however, prescription status is yet another form of control of the herb. My full feeling on the subject is that our culture must release individuals from the interference in their right to consume whatever substances they personally choose to consume - marijuana included. It is certainly right that we prevent individuals from forcibly compelling others to consume what they do not wish to consume, however, to be consistent in that logic, we must also allow individuals the freedom to consume what they voluntarily wish. We believe in individual freedom or we do not. We value consistent logic, or we do not. We wish to move forward in our enlightenment, or we do not.

How do you choose?

big deal. It's less harmful than the currently available "choice", both from a societal and health standpoint.

Most of the harm is due to the laws against it. Concerned about harm from inhaled smoke? Vaporize. /

I believe marijuana to be as safe as, or safer, than regular cigarettes. I agree that there is no basis for criminalizing it and that we should consider dropping it from the list of illicit drugs.

However, I agree with the position on the negative side that "smoking marijuana" as a form of medical treatment is kind of dumb. If it has benefits, figure out how it gives you those benefits and extract/synthesize it.

Legalize it, yes, but not for this reason.

I can attest that it is a viable medical treatment. I have seen people end up addicted to all sorts of nasty pharmaceuticals that could have been prevented with medical marijuana . Pharmaceutical companies are sweating bullets at this time, hoping and praying marijuana isn't legalized because they will see a huge drop in profits. Marijuana is a very good anti-nausea drug, which would make pharmaceuticals such as Phenergan obselete. It is a great pain reliever as well, which would lessen sales of Vicodin (one of the most popular, but also most addictive, drugs on the market since it is an opiate like heroin). Cannabis legalization would also deem muscle relaxers obselete.

The simple fact that the major pharmaceutical companies are some of the most vigilante lobbyists against legalization is testament to the fact that marijuana is definitely a viable, and much safer, medical alternative.

Are we a country by the people and for the people? Or have we somehow ended up a country by the corporations and for the corporations? Sadly, I feel the latter applies more to our country now, which is why we see countless people on the internet blogging their opinions that marijuana should be legalized, yet it still isn't.

To me synthetic means fake. To synthesize something coal tar is one ingredient labs start with.

For example, synthetic vitamins are near useless for nutrition though some have medical benefits. As I understand labs can't syn the whole thing. In vitamins they cannot duplicate associated food factors. Living vitamin E for example has some kind of twist/movement (I don't remember it's name) that syn vitamin E does not. Researchers will mislead by saying "the molecular structure is the same", but don't tell you of the biological difference between natural & synthetic.

I do not think cannabis will be well served by synthetic substitutes.


I also agree that the problem is in the question. Recreational marijuana use should not be illegal, as something like 30M of US population does it or have done it, if I have my figures right. Let's not worry about medical, and make it legal for all, without the need to bug real doctors.

Big money pharmaceutical companies are threatened by this because it bypasses them. Who's going to give the doctor samples and kick backs?

I agree with Professor Chris here. Sure this issue is a Trojan Horse and the real issue is "Why is marijuana illegal." Is it really any more harmful then alcohol or tobacco products? I don't think so, and many people agree. The real question might be "Is marijuana less harmful then alcolhol, and if so, why isn't it legal?"