The kamasutra of the zombies

Like us, the zombies also have their needs and are dedicated not only to chase people and eat your brain but in his spare time, use the time to do “a little exercise.”

The following images are a few famous and known positions of kamasutra book with its detailed description of what is intended to do in that position.

Forward Reverse Jocked, Hear in Hand

One partner atraddles the other, in the traditional manner. The heart of the lower partner is removed and tenderly massaged, to simulate the seat of romantic desire.

zombie kamasutra

The double Coupling, AKA The Rear Stroke

The partners lay side-by-side, both facing forward. Coupling begins when the rear partner enjoins, and uses his hand to penetrate the abdominal cavity of the forward partner. The rear partner locates his pleasure wand inside the body of the forward partner, and strokes himself. Pleasure is doubled for both partners.

zombie kamasutra

The stacked pleasure house

Limited only by the number of available participants. Each is stacked one atop the other, as of constructing a pleasure house. Participants are interlocked as permitted by anatomy. If brains are exposed, nibbling of brain matter provides an added different element.

zombie kamasutra

Driving the Carrige, AKA The Win-Win

Congress is initiated from the rear. From the abdomen of the forward partner is removed a length of intestine, which is enwrapped round forward partner’s neck. The feeling as asphyxiation heightens the pleasure for the forward partner, while the rear partner enjoys the knowledge that he is doubling the pleasure of his partner. Truly a “win-win”.

zombie kamasutra

The plowing of the Open Ended Field, AKA The following insect

The half-bodied partner is lain upon the ground. The full partner initiates the copulatory action with the half-partner’s stump end, which is one large, soft, glistening orifice. Rear partner follows forward partner’s forward crawling movement, with thrusting action. Pleasure is trebled for both partners.

zombie kamasutra

The standing double flamingo
One partner stands, while the other partner mounts. Congress is enjoined in the usual manner, while partners take bites from each other’s bodies. All the while, both partners alternate mimicking the sounds of flamingoes, heightening the feeling of pleasure for each.

zombie kamasutra