Dont Underestimate Juan Manuel Marquez Against Manny Pacquiao

Editor's Note: This piece was written in response to Opposing Views writer Alex Groberman's piece "Juan Manuel Marquez Knows He’s a Dead Man vs. Manny Pacquiao" published on July 10, 2011.

Mr. Groberman: I read your article on the November trilogy between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao. I find it a bit appalling you see JMM as a dead man walking. He said he would "go for the kill or die trying."  I am not sure if you watched the first 24 rounds but JMM dominated his foe in at least 18 of those rounds. I do get he was knocked down (4 times) but I don't comprehend how a man, who has dominated Manny like JMM, isn't given a chance by writers like yourself. 

You mentioned JMM isn't the fighter that fought Manny the past two times. Did you consider that Manny isn't either? Some of the issues JMM had with Manny was the Filipino's wild angles and off balance style yet Marquez solved them pretty easily. Now that Manny sits on his punches much more, this plays right into the hands of JMM.

I do understand the weight issue but I also have watched boxing long enough to understand that styles make fights and no matter how many times they fight, JMM has Manny solved.  This isn't to say Manny can't win, but I think you should have more respect for JMM than to use terms like "Dead Man Walking." 

Marquez is ready to lay it all on the line and has been ducked by Manny long enough.  Remember, after fight 2 it was Manny who jumped in weight and it was JMM that followed him. 

Thank you for at least mentioning that Juan Manuel Marquez deserved one of the wins against Manny as that is more than most do.

But then again these boxing pundits had him winning fight 2 as well.

Associated Press:114-113 Marquez
- Joe Santoliquito:115-112 Marquez
- Dan Rafael, 114-113 Marquez
- Darius Ortiz, Marquez
- Eric Raskin, Marquez
- Brian Kenny, Friday Night Fights:115-112 Marquez
- Scott Mallon, Ring Magazine / Boxing News / The Fist / Boxing Digest:114-113 Marquez
- Yahoo Sports:115-112 Marquez
- Fight Marquez
- Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review Journal: 114-113 Marquez
- Norm Fraunheim, Arizona Republic:114-113 Marquez
- Rich Marrotta, Top Rank TV:114-113 Marquez
- Kieran Mulvaney, Reuters:114-113 Marquez
- DogHouseBoxing:114-113 Marquez
- Brett Conway, Marquez
- Rick Reeno, Marquez
- Gary Randall, Marquez
- Bart Barry, Marquez
- Bruce McTavish, International Judge:115-112 Marquez
- Francis Ochoa, Philippine Daily Inquirer:114-113 Marquez
- Scott Christ, Marquez
- William Detloff, The Ring Magazine:115-113 Marquez
- Ron Borges, Marquez
- Bert Sugar:Marquez
- Max Kellerman & Bob Papa:Marquez in both fights
- Nonito Donaire:114-113 Marquez
- Filipino Sports Analysts Ronnie Nathanielsz, Recah Trinidad and Ed Picson all picked Marquez.
- Graham Houston, also picked Marquez
- Andrew Walker, ******** Marquez
- Jeff Pryor, The Boxing Bulletin:114-113 Marquez
- Andrew Fruman, The Boxing Bulletin:114-113 Marquez


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Manny has fought Marquez twice and should know better than anyone else, including Marquez, how he now stands. Marquez will be fighting a Manny that has evolved into a mean welterweight fighting machine. The argument that Marquez gave Manny all he could handle in 1994 and 1998 and knows how to fight him has little or no merits. I don't think Marquez is any better than before. Logically, if there is a difference it would be in age and stamina.

Marquiz too makes a "huh?" statement: (Paraphrase) "Manny has to train hard so we can put uo a good fight for the people." As far as I know, no other boxer trains as hard as Manny. Every day he runs 10 miles and works out 4 hours in the gym, including doing 1,000 sit ups and sparring with 3 to 4 sparring partners. Two of them are now world champions- Khan and Ortiz. Marquez is not being realistic about his chances in the fight.

Hey, this is a statement that I was responding to. You said to Alex Groberman : "You mentioned JMM isn't the fighter that fought Manny the past two times. Did you consider that Manny isn't either?"

Didn't you realize what you were saying when you wrote that?

As everyone in boxing should know, especially boxing writers, Manny Pacquiao has made boxing history since he fought Marquez. To his accomplishments which I previously mentioned, I can add even more astounding ones: He has been the fighter of the year three times in a row, the champion in eight different weight divisions, the #1 p4p for three years now, and has been declared the fighter of the decade.

As far as styles, of course styles can make or break a fighter! As Marquez said, Mayweather was too defensive, so he couldn't do his thing; both Clottey and Mosley, both normally attackers,just ran and hid from Pacquiao, so Pacquiao couldn't do his thing; and Cotto, a notorious body puncher with sledge-hammer hands, and Margarito, a punching machine who throws 1,000 plus punches in a typical fight, got the worst beating of their lives because they tried to go toe-to-toe with Pacquiao, instead of switching styles. Well, Cotto did try after the 4th round by staying away, but it was too late; he was already badly hurt.

Now Marquez, a counter-puncher,is now talking about going toe-to-toe with Pacquiao, not just fighting him with "tooth and nail". Do you see my point? Marquez is either suicidal or the modern-day Don Quixote.

Peace! `

Not questioning Manny's accomplishments as that would frankly be a crime. He is a phenom and brings value to the sport that is much needed. I am just stating what I see is a huge amount of writers discounting JMM for reasons that are beyond me.

Do you really think JMM will try and go in and trade the whole fight? That would be a stupid tactic and he would get iced. He will pick and choose his spots just as he has done for 24 rounds. You surely won't see him run and I think many will be shocked how competitive this fight is going to be.


I am not sure what your point is? How JMM fairs versus any fighter you mentioned is ancillary to their fights!!! What dissenting views did I write? To put no credence on styles making fights leads me to believe you have little knowledge of the sport. I never said Manny can't win! I am simply stating JMM has Manny solved at any weight. Also, this right hand you mention, is this the same one Roach said wold ice JMM in fight 2? Read what both Roach and Arum think of this fight. They know it's tough. I am not saying Manny can't win as I am saying JMM is going to fight him the same way he has for 24 rounds, tooth and nail.

Thanks, Alex. Look forward to a constructive conversation. Also, sorry for the typo in the spelling of your name.

Did I forget to say, Meayfeather is soft? and Manny will wipe the ring with him? or Roger looks like he's on something that he's accussing MDP of being on , except you smoke it threw a pipe? come on I lived in Philly street's.

I'm sorry , I have heard was alot of sh*t talking, I grew up in Boxing, and from an era when Fighter's would go 15 or more rounds, and nobody exibit's the tenacity of a MDP, I can't beleive anyone would fathom the crap that spuses from the elder: i.e. OLD men Of the Mayfeather camp, hey when did Muhammid Ali demand or Mike Tyson or Rcky Marciano demand such test's before a fight? Joe Fraziar, Sunny Liston Suray Ray robinson Or leaneord, or Roberto Deran, here's you answer NEVER!, because they were not scared!

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