Woman Rapes Man After Breaking into His Home

An Australian court has ordered Rebecca Helen Elder, 39, to stand trial on charges of breaking into the home of an unnamed man and raping him by “performing oral sex on the alleged victim without his consent,” according to the Daily Mail.

The accused woman appeared in Adelaide’s District Court on March 21 and entered a plea of “not guilty” to one count of aggravated serious criminal trespass and one count of rape.

According to the complaint filed by prosecutors, the incident occurred in a suburban location between September 20 and September 23, 2011, when Elder broke into the house while its male occupant was home, with the intent to commit rape.

The court documents state that prosecutors will accuse Elder, a resident of Parkside, of raping the man by performing an act of oral sex on the alleged victim. (Parkside is an inner southern suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.)

Judge Wayne Chivell remanded Elder to remain released on bail until a hearing next month.

What a bunch of neanderthals. To those of you who think it's a joke, call me if it ever happens to you do I can laugh my ass and tell you you have it coming, whether you are male or female. I didn't say men or women because you are pigs, not people.

Your so sensitive, and a hypocrite. You'll laugh your ass off if it ever happens to one of us and say we have it coming, it's much worse than our humorous comment and thinking it's a joke. Your much more than a pig but a wolf in sheep clothing.

There Can Be Only One.

I find it amusing the comments on here who say "if he came or got hard he wanted it" but would most likely not side with male rapists who make female victims orgasm under the same circumstances, which is quite common. Also an erection and ejaculation is primarily a physiological response, in most cases any contact wanted or not will result in the same outcome, if it didn't how do you explain coma victims who get aroused? Incidentally I also wonder at the number of people who seem to think that if you woke up with your dick in some strange woman's mouth the first thing you would do is put it at risk by thrashing around and yelling, there are teeth in there you know..

Many of the comments here are quite shocking. This is no laughing matter. The defendant hasn't been convicted, and should be deemed innocent until proven guilty. But, if she is eventually convicted, should not the penalty she has earned herself be a stiff one?

Your so sensitive and who's laughing. She should only be charge for breaking and entering but for RAPE?!?.I must be naive on this issue because there's nothing in my imagination I can find that a woman can be capable in doing. If I was unconsiously druged then my bestfriend would also be unconsious and cannot cooperate and if my well being is threaten I surely would be in survival/self defense mode that there's no way I could get aroused, "do you know what I mean?" If she's found guilty? the penalty should be a limp one. (A man with a big sexual appetite's point of view.) With a woman like that we don't need Male Enhancement Drugs He!He! I mean Huh!

There Can Be Only One.

Contrary to popular belief, unless they've gone through extensive mental training as some professionals do in certain intensive occupations, most people can't help but be sexually stimulated when someone physically advances on them. This is quite common in rape cases, most rapists would use this against rape victims in order to shove responsibility or to make them feel as if they actually consented to the rape in the first place.

There is a difference between men and women in terms of sexual arousal though, but not much when the opposing person is already in physical contact with the victim. What little differentiates the two is that woman while they do have a a physical response to arousal their emotional arousal also plays a huge role.
Many women who are raped do feel physically good during the act even though they may not want to, and this emotional blockage is often what allows them the strength to recognize these as crimes and to report them to the authorities.
Men however are far more easily stimulated than women. If you want a source on this I can bring it up, though if you want to save time a quick google will suffice. It's quite a bit harder for them when they themselves feel good, know they were fully aroused, to report these as crimes even when it is evident that they did not consent to the sexual act. And it becomes all the more harder, for both men and women, when people suggest that if they felt good, they probably wanted it to happen and that despite their persons being violated, their rape was nothing wrong.

"Oh, your honor, that's the man who raped me. I was soo violated..I could not stop screaming..even though it was 'DON'T STOP'. I think for the whole truth to be brought out here in court, this man should be required to reinact this horrible violation at least one more time for the benefit of the court and jury. And, oh your honor, could I get a copy of the video to take home?"

Raped women do not enjoy the sex. If they did, the anger and cry of "rape" came much later after he did something like having sex with her best friend.

Please read my comment again. I did not say that anyone who is raped enjoys it. I said they would be sexually aroused. There's a very big difference between enjoying something and being sexually aroused. This information is easily accessible on sites that deal with this type of trauma. It should be one of the first three results in google if you look it up.

First of all I'am not a professional on these issues but I disagree at you on one thing, that women gets more stimulated easily than men since they have more body parts to get stimulated on. A mere touch to their skin can get them stimulated while men tends to apply controlled emotions to prolong erectile stimulation. As a professional you should know these women's body parts. Thanks to our medical wonder for anti-pregnancy/birth control pill, women in a certain degree are now equal to men in a sexual way and rape should be studied in a perspectively different level. (A nonprofessional point of view).

There Can Be Only One.

I'm not a professional either, all I've done is a little bite of reading before putting forward assertions as per your first post.

As for your comment that you think that "women gets more stimulated easily than men since they have more body parts to get stimulated on" and that men have more will power I've never heard of, what study are you referencing in this context?