What Are the Best Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?

Flat screen TVs, video games, computers. The average American home today has more electronic devices than Radio Shack. But with concerns about conserving energy and saving hard-earned cash, what are some effective ways to become more energy efficient without having to pack up your family and move to the wilderness?

Make a cave your home and avoid using "evil" fossil fuels outright.

Or take the liberalist approach: "save" by not-using

"conserving energy "? .. pesky laws of thermodynamics getting in the way of green fascism

I oppose the premise of this question. It implies that energy conservation is a necessity, and presents a non-debate that leaves no room for valid opposition.

Americans should be free to use as much energy as they desire so long as they are paying for it. Using less energy means that person will have to spend less on it. That is the only relevant point. While contemplating the best ways to conserve energy may be worthwhile, this is not an appropriate question for debate as it is currently written. You can't argue against "what's the best way to ..?"

I dont see this having much in the way of any 'opposition'. If people cant agree on conserving energy based on environmental reasons there are always a good number of fiscal reasons.

Flat Screen TV's using LCD technology are actually cheaper to run until about the 22-26" range where they are about equal to old style CRTs. Beyond that range LCD's actually cost more energy to run than a CRT. If you dont need a 50" screen then downsizing your screen may be an ideal way to save electricity.