Was the World Created in Six Days?

According to Genesis, God created the universe in six days and rested on the seventh. Many religious followers believe literally that everything from the air we breathe to the water we drink was created in a matter of days. Others scoff at this interpretation, insisting that the universe couldn’t have possibly been created in such a short time span. What really happened “in the beginning”?

Faith is something we all have, whether it is faith in one or more Gods, faith in family, or science, or something else.

Yet, in terms of 'modern' religious faith, there are those who will take one or more passages from the KJV version of the Christian bible and attempt to explain all via those passages. I do not condemn these people as they, inside, need this to be true: faith in a somewhat different form.

I see the Christian religion and various practices (Methodist, Catholic, etc.) primarily as guidelines for how to see and treat each other. Science, in all of its subjects, are subsets of this, since science is of physical knowledge and manipulation of the physical. Man, in possession of knowledge, chooses through his intent how this knowledge is applied.

The application of knowledge by Man: this is what the Christian bible focuses on.

No the world was created by Princess Celestia.. :) <3

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The world was created in six of God's days. How long is a day to an infinite being? One trip around the sun ?

Atheists are closed minded fools. They think of the very same things that non-deviants think of, and intentionally avoid talking about them. Dishonest, unreasonable and vacuous, The atheist thinks himself wise when he blasphemes, and virtuous when he plugs his ears from hearing.

The first day might have been a gazillion years as we measure it, cause Light appeared. The second could have been just as long or longer. Many christians (myself included) believe that we've been living in God's 7th day since our creation a long long time ago. He could even have guided, or "designed" life to evolve along the lines that Darwin claimed. What would be wrong with that?

What would be wrong with that indeed. come closer and I'll tell you a secret. Atheists are afraid. They've been using Darwin to exclude God from the picture for a long time, and "design" robs them of their favorite toy.

But the Know-it-all-atheist parrots just keep repeating their religious chants, not realizing, or worse yet, intentionally denying, that there are more perspectives than their own.

Fact: Genesis is a 5,000 year old MYTH.

Fact: Evolution and the Big Bang are scientifically proven FACTS.

Fact: The Bible is ALLEGORICAL, not LITERAL (most Christians other than fundamentalists believe this).

Just because you claim evolution and the big bang are scientific facts doesn't mean they are. That statement shows how little you know of science and the evidence. People who get their scientific data from Time, National Geographic and high school science class should not be making comments on what is fact.

And the Bible is not literal? Why? Because you say so? And since when do facts rely on what most people believe? And who are you to say what most Christians believe? How do you know? Did that come from National Geographic too?

There are two possibilities about the origin of the universe: It blinked into existence. Evidence says this still happens today. It was never created. Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Why do we even ask this question? PEOPLE, Evolution is a fact, science measures facts. The world is neither 4,000, 6,000, or 37,000 years old. It is 4 Billion years old. We can use math to estimate the time of the big bang, it is all FACT. Gravity is fact, Evolution is fact, Creationism is so ludicrous and moronic that it is not worth even discussing. Providing a debate makes these people think that there is a debate to be had. YOU CANNOT DEBATE A FACT.

The point of the debate is to set up a straw man, that the world was created in six days, that anti-Christians can knock down. The Bible doesn't stand or fall on that statement. Creationism doesn't stand or fall on that statement. God did not create the world in six days, but he did never the less, create it.

Then why does this argument always seem to come from the creationists? AiG was not founded, and is not funded by the Scientific community.

I also question your use of the term 'anti-Christian'.. Supporters of the ToE are not anti-Christian, most don't care what Christians believe as long as they don't try and push it into the realm of Science.

This thread has been kept going by three people who have voted no to the question of a six day creation. AIG has tried to defend Genesis using the weakest possible argument, and then left. They didn't even hang around to defend their position.

is often confused for rhetoric.

This is open your interpretation of the Bible.Study for your self!

And what of those who, having studied the Bible and the physical world, determine that the Bible has no basis in fact.. being allegorical at best?

some people see it as a day to the lord is a 1000 years.Some save it was 6000 years.

Isn't one of those choices objectively true?

Yes it is.

Which one is it. Either God created the Earth 6k yrs ago or God did not (either not creating it or creating it at some other time).


So it isn't open to interpretation.. there is one objectively true interpretation of the bible .

Naturally since it is objectively true it is independently verifiable.. physical evidence and all that? Which brings you into conflict with Science.. so where is your evidence?

Conflict with science who has a conflict with science.
There is one ojectively true interpertation of the Bible.Thats why it needs to be studied.Just like science.

"Conflict with science who has a conflict with science."

The literal interpretation of the Bible is in direct conflict with Science.

"There is one ojectively true interpertation of the Bible.Thats why it needs to be studied.Just like science."

But when studied like Science the Bible is found to be incorrect. There is no physical evidence that supports a six day creation six thousand years ago.

There is no physical evidence that supports it was not.

The geological record,the fossil record, and astronomical observations.

Yes god made them also

So God created the fossil record, geological record, and the very stars themselves for the purpose of deceiving us? Isn't that rather malicious when you consider that according to the Bible those who don't believe in God will be tortured for eternity?

Also, that's not a Scientific statement.. If an omnipotent being could create the world in an instant with the appearance of age then why couldn't an omnipotent being create the world last Thursday with all of our memories intact.

I am not GOD ask him

I'm not questioning God, I'm questioning your beliefs and their place in an apparently rational universe.

If you believe that God created the world six thousand years ago over a period of six days, but set it up so that it would appear to be far older then does that not mean that God is deceitful? If God can create a world in six days but give it the appearance of billions of years then could that same deity have created the world last Thursday with the appearance (including our memories) of greater age?

I belief Gods word the BIBLE and I study it in prayer .I belief the more you study the more God will show you.And he does.God can do as he please!

I've heard the same thing said by Muslims, Buddhists, Jainists, Wiccans, Shamanists.. indeed that is what people of every religion say about their religion.

So the question is, who is correct.

God is!

So which God?

It's all the same God, just different cultures.

If it is the same deity then why do all those scriptures contradict each other?

Different cultures express things in differently but they do not contradict each other. You can not see the unity in one scripture so I wouldn't expect you to see I unity in all of them.

Yes I do see religions as often self contradictory.

The question is.. if All religions are worshiping the same deity then why do they have passages specifically forbidding people in their religion to worship as other religions do.. Are Muslims 'allowed' to pray at Buddhist temples as Buddhists do?

It's about competition for membership. That's what advertising is all about. Even the Bahais who teach that all major religion are the same, teach theirs is the right one because theirs is the most recent. I don't practice any particular religion but respect most of them.

“It's about competition for membership.”

So why are they in competition? Why do religions like Christianity and Islam promote the idea that those who do not follower their specific faith are doomed for eternity?

“That's what advertising is all about. Even the Bahais who teach that all major religion are the same, teach theirs is the right one because theirs is the most recent. I don't practice any particular religion but respect most of them.”

If all religions are the same then why did the Bahi religion come about? If it is right because it is the most recent then that means that all prior religions contained a flaw of some sort… but how is that possible if that religion is the inspiration of a divine being?

What I am getting down to is that these beliefs are entirely subjective, with no objective truth attached. I cannot argue against what an individual believes within their own mind… I can only argue on the basis of things that are objectively verifiable.

You do not just have competing religions but competing cultures. The religions are basically the same but they are seen through the different cultures. Also a primitive society does not have the same moral understanding as a more advanced one. Religion develops along with the society, but with a generational clash between the old and new ideas.

So then the Bible is not the written word of God? It is a cultural artifact?

How can one determine which parts are divinely inspired (if any) and which are cultural in nature?

You have it twisted. The Bible is divinely inspired. Religion is a cultural artifact.