Should the U.S. Adopt a Single-Payer Health Care Program?

Can you afford to be sick? A single-payer health program would establish a central fund that would pay for every American citizen’s health care. While many believe it would dramatically improve America’s often-criticized health-care system, others insist it would merely exacerbate the problem. What’s the best system to keep you healthy?

I think yeah,it would improve the health care system.
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yeah, sound like a good idea to me too


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What's the difference between the American economic system and a Free Market?

Government Monopolies! (and regulations and laws and minimum wage laws and unions and taxes and politicians accepting bribes and corruption and government in general)

It is foolish to think that all aspects of society are best served by the open market. We have surrendered our prisons and health care systems to for profit organizations. We are currently working harder than most people realize to privatize our law enforcement and military.

Just stop thinking about money for a minute and think about what we are doing! Deregulation and opening up every problem to be solved by people seeking profit is not the answer to our most important problems. I would rather take my cancer or other life threatening health issue to a SHAMAN than to someone whose primary interest is personal profit or the survival of a corporation.

We can control a Democratic Republic somewhat through the democratic process. We cannot control a corporation without regulation and then we cannot force it to provide for our needs. And we once had a right to health care via the Public Health Service however bad it was. Now we are told that it is a privilege of those with money.

Means that they must have living customers.

Are you sure you want to put your faith in an organization that is not restricted by the need to make a profit?

I think healthcare for all is a worthwhile goal. As we worked hard to put the first man on the moon, we could work hard to help those in need of medicine, surgery, etc. Unfortunately, I cannot think of many programs that the government runs well. A healthcare system run by the government may end up as a disaster. I want Universal healthcare, but I think it needs to be private.

Like you, I wish all Americans to be covered with quality health coverage- I, for one, do not only want "illness" coverage, but access for myself and my patients for preventative and wellness care; I believe the more we can prevent illness, the less expensive our health care will be in the long run.

I also am deeply concerned that single payer coverage will further restrict patients access to a more integrative health care approach, including freedom of choice, full access to health and wellness coverage.

However, this ideal can never realistically be reached. Take another look at the statistics of coverage of Americans . Take a look at their quality of health care . What kind of reform do we need?

Reducing regulations . Let free market prosper as it has in this country before government exploded in size and ego. Free economy is the only way to ensure that individuals get what they want (if they work for it).

The flawed premise behind "universal health care" is regarding health care as a "right". Health care is a need, but not a "right", and that's a critical difference. A right is a freedom of action, such as the right to free speech or right to contract. It is not an unearned automatic claim on the goods or services produced by another person -- that's just state-sanctioned theft or slavery. Just because my neighbor is hungry, it doesn't give him the right to take a can of soup from my pantry.

Rights only impose negative obligations on others -- for instance, my right to free speech only means that someone else (my neighbor or the government) can't stop me. If someone chooses to leave me alone, then he hasn't violated my rights.

Any alleged "right" to health care can only be implemented by violating the actual rights of doctors and other health care providers. This is why "universal health care" is such a grossly immoral policy, and should be opposed as such.

You seem to feel that civil and political rights are the only ones that are worth being protected a la the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. What about the UN International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which includes the right to healthcare ?

As long as healthcare providers are being compensated for their time in one way or another, how are their rights being violated? Under this reasoning, a person who comes into the ER is violating a Dr's rights because they owe them a care of duty at this point. How about this..If you don't want to help people who need medical care, then don't become a doctor. You have the "right" to decide to do something else instead.

So as long as collectively we all pay for a service (some percentage of the population being forced to against their will) that is provided to a percentage of the population, in unequal proportions I might add , that makes it ok? Is the UN ethically correct? Is there any reason that the US should follow along with these anti-american ideas?

It's definitely true that no one has a right to healthcare since this would require enslaving someone else to give it to them. Entitlements go both ways; something many people in this debate still haven't figured out.

I debated about this with 2 family members who live in Australia. They admitted that their system would fail miserably if faced with the U.S. immigration situation. Australia tightly controls its immigration and thus there are fewer non-contributors (back into the system used by all) because there aren't as many as 30 million people who are either here illegally or related to an illegal worker and draining the system intended to assist legal residents and citizens.

In the last election I told the Democratic party they could have my vote if they could answer a single question of mine: a la Joe Kennedy in the early 20th century (where the largest abuser of the stock exchange became the person who led the newly formed SEC and created stock market reforms), it seemed to me that the ticket's VP would be a perfect choice to lead tort reform which could then reduce the cost of medicine to the point where central health systems might be possible.

Alas, they never answered that question. And they didn't get my vote.

Insurance costs due to runaway tort litigation are a huge burden on the health care system. I just don't see how single-payer health care is possible without changes to this.