MMA Analysis: Shogun Fights VI Review

In its previous five events, Maryland-based, Shogun Fights has become that State’s premier MMA promotion.  Their April 14th’s event, Shogun Fights VI, did nothing but solidify that status. 

In front of what appeared to be a sold out crowd at Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena, Shogun brought its fans a 10-fight card and plenty of Superstar special guests.

Among the celebrity spectators, who witnessed the card which featured 9 finishes out of 10 fights, were Baltimore Ravens, Torrey Smith and Cory Redding, former UFC Welterweight Champ, Matt Serra and former UFC Heavyweight, Wes Sims.

There were nine fighters making their professional debuts, which made this fight card like a box of chocolates, with the fans not knowing what they were going to get.  You also might say the matchmakers, Bryan Hamper and Dave Wilson, weren’t sure what the end result would be, either.  They knew they had a card stacked full of talented fighters, but couldn’t have been sure of the matchup integrity, with so many newcomers to the pro ranks.  To the delight of the crowd and the Shogun Promoter, John Rallo, they both produced an event loaded with vicious knock-outs and sleep inducing chokes.

The most competitive and most exciting fight on the card pitted Umaer Haq, from Mikido MMA against Evolve Academy’s Marshall Thompson.  This fight was exciting from the walkouts.  Marshall Thompson, in Marlon Sandro fashion, came to the cage adorned in a gladiator helmet with a catwalk dance to the ring that was the quality of any entrance that Mike Easton has ever had.  In Thompson’s corner were Strikeforce fighter, Ron Stallings and former TUF contestant Zach Davis.  Haq’s entrance was less stellar, but he made up for the lack of flash with his flashiness in the cage.  Both fighters waged war in round 1, trading punches and kicks in a fashion that had to have made the judge’s job very tough.  Between rounds 1 and 2, Thompson regurgitated in his corner.  This was due, as stated by Thompson, to his extremely difficult weight cut to 135.  The tempo slowed down only slightly, however, in Round 2 as both fighters were visibly fatigued, but still bringing it to each other.  Round 3 opened up with yet another toe to toe exchange which Thompson was successful in winning as he caught Haq with a punch and followed it up with several more on the ground until the fight was stopped.  Both of these fighters appear to have UFC potential written all over them, so keep your eyes open for them.

The main event, Micah Terrill v. Bryan Lane, ended the night in a cloud of controversy.  Round 1 saw the Crofton BJJ product, Terrill, take apart Fairfax BJJ fighter Byran Lane on the feet.  Terrill’s left jab continuously connected and Terrill was very effective in his combos.  Somewhere around 2 minutes into the fight, Terrill got Layne to the ground, sunk in his hooks, from the back, and was softening up Lane to try to cinch in a rear naked choke.  Layne happened to turn his head a certain way during one of the punches and Terrill’s punch caught the back of Layne’s head.  Veteran referee Dan Miragliotta instantly called time and separated the fighters, due to the illegal blow.  A point was deducted from Terrill and the fight commenced.  Apparently the short rest was all Layne needed as he was able to pin Terrill against the cage and lock up a guillotine choke which put Terrill to sleep, thus securing victory for Layne.  Terrill was visibly distraught after the fight as he felt the shot was unintentional and should have been warned, prior to a point being deducted.  He also stated that he disagreed with the fighters being pulled apart like they were.  So, there may be an appeal coming next week.  We will see.

Other notable and dominant performances were put in by Nate Grebb, Brent Hess, Dan Root and Gustavo KieslerCole Presley also put in a gutty performance against very tough Vaja Iormashvili.

In all, the fans were entertained and treated to a great night of fights from a “smaller” promotion that seems to have the secret to putting posteriors in seats in tough economic times and in a geography that has not always been thought of as a MMA hotbed.

Josh Pearson d. Thomas Desmond, Submission-Choke, Round 1 (4:25)

J.C. Cuffee d. Jeremy Carper, Submission-Choke, Round 2 (1:33)

Nate Grebb d. Billy Miller, Submission-Strikes, Round 1 (2:39)

Brent Hess d. Steve Baker, KO, Round 1 (2:39)

Dan Root d. Jeremy Boardwine, Submission-Choke, Round 1 (2:40)

Marshall Thompson d. Umaer Haq, TKO, Round 3 (0:54)

Ryan Mackin d. David Perez, Unanimous Decision, Round 3

Cole Presley d. Vaja Iormashvili, Submission-Choke, Round 2 (2:59)

Gustavo Kiesler d. Phil Johns, Submission-Choke, Round 1 (2:17)

Bryan Lane d. Micah Terrill, Submission-Choke, Round 1 (3;21)

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