MLB News: Red Sox Trade for Andrew Bailey; Whats Next for Ryan Madson?

Is it physically impossible for the Oakland A’s to keep any good players? Every time you turn around, they are shipping off proven talent for prospects. And they just did it again.

The A’s have sent closer Andrew Bailey and OF Ryan Sweeney to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for RHP Raul Alcantara, 3B Miles Head and OF Josh Reddick. The Red Sox get their closer to replace Jonathan Papelbon, and the A’s get whatever these three become. If they turn out to be stars, great, they can trade them.

The Red Sox had previously shown interest in Phillies closer Ryan Madson. As did the Phillies before signing Papelbon. But, now, it seems like Madson has been left out in the cold as neither team went with him.

So, poor Ryan Madson, who now is still a free agent and may have to sign for less with a team that just doesn’t have a sizable payroll.