Floyd Mayweather Sends Message to Manny Pacquiao, Bob Arum, Fans

By burning a $100 bill in plain view of cameras and fans, Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent a very clear and concise message: I’m not coming back to boxing for the money.

Although it was a relatively mild incident given what Mayweather has been a part of over the past year, video of him burning a $100 in an Atlanta nightclub became something of a viral sensation recently. The faux outrage at the undefeated boxer’s decision to smolder the amount of money that, to quote TMZ “would take over 19 hours to earn if you're making minimum wage in Georgia” has seemingly rubbed a few people the wrong way.

Those people should build a bridge and get over it.

The far more interesting thing to take away from this little incident, however, is that Mayweather is obviously not struggling for cash at this point. After he took an extended break from boxing this past year, some suggested that his supposed fear of Manny Pacquiao was the driving force behind the move. Then when Mayweather opted to return for his September match against Victor Ortiz, the same critics hypothesized that the motivation for his sudden return was because he was low on funds, not because he missed the thrill of putting on a fantastic match.

Initially, a case could be made for this argument – even if it was mildly ridiculous. Mayweather is a notoriously heavy gambler who revels in posting his ticket stubs on Twitter when he wins, but remains oddly silent when he bets big and loses. Furthermore, he is seemingly always out with his buddies 50 Cent and whoever else at big lavish parties, blowing through money like it’s some sort of race. So, obviously, the idea that money is the motivation for his most recent return to the ring isn’t the strangest Mayweather-related theory out there right now.

By burning a $100 bill in plain sight of any and everyone in that Atlanta nightclub, however, Mayweather made it clear to one and all – he’s back to reclaim his throne. He’s not coming back for a big pay day, he wants to cement his legacy as the pound-for-pound greatest that ever stepped into the ring. He wants run over Ortiz on his way to Pacquiao. He wants to smash Pacquiao’s head into the canvas on his way to Amir Khan. And, finally, when it’s all said and done, he wants the Ortiz-Pacquiao-Khan trifecta to be the last three win tallies in a historic career that will cement him as one of the best to ever lace up a pair of gloves.

Will Mayweather beat Ortiz, Pacquiao and/or Khan? That remains to be seen. For now, though, fans can take solace in the fact that Floyd’s intentions are true and pure this time around. You don’t need to show him the money, just show him the road to boxing legend immortality.

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Manny has a message to Floyd but he kept it a secret.Like giving a house to his sparmate and who are unfortunate.floyd is just jealous.But I like his intelligence, I know for a fact the he demanded alvarez and morales to be on the undercard..If I was the promoter I couldn't do anything but agree to him because if my fighter wins we all can benefit from it.Floyd is smart.I hope bob does something to match the undercards of GBP.Put rios vs barrera and if timothy signs put him there to.It would be expensive and it's not a good business for Bob but for sure people would buy that PPV.

He might as well stay in his self imposed retirement. The simple fact is, that in the boxing circles around the globe, he is not, nor ever going to be consider one of the"greatest pound for pound" fighter anyways. Theres something to say about the "pound for pound" greatest fighters in history. # 1 the man who tooted his own horn most and best ali chased his apponents down to fight them,#2 a guy named tommy hearns would jump through weight classes to knock out fighters.#3 then there is the marvelous one himself hagler that never backed down from anyone.#4 leonard #5 duran #6 even tyson. you'll never be ahead of people like that even if you do fight and beat #7 pacman, wich you wont! theres seven reason you should stay retired, you manipulated yourself out of the top twenty "pound for pound"

Mayweather talked more than action! Sign the contract fight against Pacman!

putting to ashes a $100 dollar bill in public is only done by illiterates with lunatic tendencies

i dont see why people making a big deal about floyd mayweather burning a hundred dollar bill, he makes like 50 million dollars or more in his fights. and i cant wait to see floyd mayweather beat the shit out of manny, some people think that manny will beat floyd but i dont think so, heres why floyd mayweather will beat manny, floyd has the best defence ever, hes a better counter puncher and he has the best reflexes ever. i cant wait to see floyd mayweather raise his hands up in victory when he beats manny. floyd mayweather is the best boxer in history and theres no denying it. so if anyone has something bad to say about that then go to www.shutthefuckup.com

You people sound like a bunch of Nazis..and Manny is your Hitler. Let's get one thing out on the table, for all you who refuse to acknowledge the obvious..MANNY IS JUICING! IF HE WASN'T HE'D HAVE AGREED TO UNLIMITED DRUG TESTING UP FRONT. AND NOW THAT HE'S ALL BUT CALLED THE USADA "BIASED" HE'S ALL BUT TOLD THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT HE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE!

The scariest thing is knowing that you all can see that Manny and Arum are being evasive on the drug testing issue. They've been making this entire thing a fiasco, when all they had to do was laugh off Floyd's suspicions and agree to whatever drug test would show that he's NOT juicing. But in a world where we've seen cheaters time after time after time, it seems that only the black athletes are really suffering any consequences as a result of it. Whenever a black man is suspected of cheating or doing anything illegal, every governing body wants to launch an entire investigation to try to humiliate that person to no end. Did we not all just witness Bonds get convicted and Clemens walk? Haven't we watched Vick go to prison for fighting dogs, while Roethlisberger went to a Superbowl for raping women? Stop being so disingenuous and learn to be honest with yourselves. If Pacquiao isn't juicing then he should have nothing to hide. If he is "all natural" then the fight would have taken place already. Now, go back to your dream world and KEEP dreaming that the little Filipino steroid cheat can beat one of the UNDEFEATED all time greats.

Burning a hundred dollar bill for show is no joke nowadays. Pacquiao has much more money than Floyd right now, plus the P4P throne. Money is precious to the needy, better give it to them, anonymously.


The 'journalist' who wrote this piece is a moron. It may sound hackneyed to you, but
a hundred buck would feed a LOT of hungry, starving kids. I can't BELIEVE your
arrogance to come up with this 'get over it' shit. What a knucklehead you are.

And what a TOTAL idiot Fayweather is. He may get by Ortiz (although Ortiz certainly
has a punchers chance), but Pac is going to make mince meat out of that stupid,
blank stare on Fayweather's face. Good riddance to bad garbage. He has harmed
the sport more than anyone in memory. He's just a wannabe punk gangster.

The sooner he is OUT of the boxing scene, the better.