Floyd Mayweather Jr. Confirms: Manny Pacquiao is Next

I want to believe Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

When he says "Yes, you're next" about Manny Pacquaio being his next opponent after Victor Ortiz, I absolutely want to believe him.

Because for two years, these grand gladiators have ducked and dodged, accused and avoided. They've found every excuse not to fight each other. It was blood tests, tougher blood tests, steroid accusations, court appearances, smack-talking uncles, video rants, racist barbs.. I could go on. 

But now Mayweather has stepped up and -- finally -- verbally committed to the only fight everybody wants. Call it the biggest fight of the young 21st century.

"When Pacquiao defeats my leftovers, you guys praise him," Mayweather told reporters. "All he's fought are Floyd Mayweather's leftovers. When he beat Cotto, he wasn't at the top of his game. He was already beaten up from a guy who had to put a cast in his hand (Antonio Margarito). Pacquiao beat a drained Oscar De La Hoya. I respect Pacquiao for fighting my leftovers."We only want to fight the biggest and the best out there, and Manny Pacquiao, yes, you're next," said Mayweather.

Sure, the declaration was mixed with trash talk. But boxing needs some good (real) trash talk. Boxing needs Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his brash, cocky attitude. And boxing needs the charismatic Manny Pacquaio and his furious fists.

But what boxing needs most of all -- to remind us just how exciting the sport can be on its best nights -- is a fight between these two men. It needs the build-up, the hype, the stare downs at press conferences and ultimately the electric rounds of greatness vs. greatness.

Mayweather vs. Pacquaio has looked like an impossible dream for the past 12 months, but now it's actually inching closer to a reality. 

With these recent words, Mayweather has now gone on the record twice, saying he will fight the Filipino champion. If he backs out, he will be called a liar. He'll lose the respect of everyone. Mayweather is too good and too talented for that. He has too much pride.

If Pacquaio doesn't agree, we all know he's ducking.

But something tells me Pacman won't duck. As his career gets close to the finish line, too many have (rightfully) questioned his recent choice of opponents, and he knows if he wants to be fully accepted by the American boxing scene -- which still counts for something huge in terms of crowning true champions -- he must face Mayweather or risk a permanent asterisk on his record.

Mayweather says Pacquiao is next.

Man, I really want to believe him.

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i agree with baltes. badweather dont say pacquiao is the next, just do it. if you are truly best fighter dont make any excuses. you are the most coward boxer in the planet.

Mayweather quit talking just sign the contract and quit making demand and excuses, if you are the best, prove it and quit all this nonsense. Is that right boxing fans?

Hey FMJ and self proclaimed pound 4 pound, don't forget that youre on the soil of many brave and courageous heroes. Your an AMERICAN and you live in USA. Remember that youre representing this SUPERPOWER country that respected by many. You aren't capable of calling an AMERICAN CITIZEN if your ducking a small fighter from a small country of the Philippines. Please give SHAME to your fellow Americans by fighting this man. Don't be scared and be man enough! We're very tired of discussing this issue.

To see is to believe GAYNEVER, fight PACQUIAO first before you promise..

let me ask you this, whats the market value of him if he lost to ortiz?? it will be deep dive down!!! and it will lost its appeal to a pacman fight, sure, fans would like to see them fight, but he knows he will be lost to pacman. thats why this ortiz fight is fix, he needs the title, see, he always mention pacman to sell his fight, it seems no one is buying his fight, it will be marquez and likar or whoever he is all over again with a slight difference, a bit more dramatic!!! we all know how this gayweather scam works!!!!

Floyd (with his blogger Mcnulty) calls it "Leftovers" cause they could not take how Pacquiao dominated those fighters. If you compare Pacquiao and Mayweather's performance against those same opponents they fought. then Floyds' performance would look like in survival mode. You guys's trash talking would not help to change how things went. It's a scary thing to dwell at for Mayweather, clans, fans, and sore looser in the making bloggers.

As for if the fight will become real - it will be up to Floyd if he will do his dodging wonders again or not. He could simply make ridiculous demands and its all over just like that, again. He could make it in terms of the money split. Or spin the blood test demand in other way around again until its refused. Or some other ridiculous things. He knows he can be as ridiculous as he wanted to be then it's simply over. And with that then he'll put the blame on Pacquiao for not agreeing. Anyway the world is much aware of this already including those who could not face up to the truth (and all they could do is trash talk, same with those tango Floyd bloggers).

Floyd be a man that you claim to be and let's get the fight going!

One thing I admire about FMJr is his ability(ies) to make a fuzz about something without really appearing he is doing it at least in the outskirts. This call for a Manny fight is nothing but to hype his fight with Ortiz..thats all. After that who knows..maybe back to his shell or shall I say DRUG TESTING, STEROIDS, etc. AGAIN AND AGAIN..well, if sh#*t happens you loss (FMJR) then it will be the end of the story or shall I say the start of another story.

Floyd shouldn't just say it, he need to DO IT. Fight Manny Pacquaio inside the ring.

Void Floyd Mayweather Jr is just saying anything to hype up his upcoming bout, but we all know that he will retire again after that fight. Void Floyd is the Xylo king of the ring.